What is the single, most healthy habit? ????

Good question…

Some ideas for the best habits

  • Prioritize your relationships
  • Sleep 7-9hrs a day
  • Eat mostly veggies and plants

So why might sunrise walks outrank everything above?

We think best in the morning ????

Our alertness levels peak during the morning hours, thanks to a healthy boost of cortisol.

This means, the best time to plan our days, weeks, and seasons may be during the daytime.

Extreme night owls are probably an exception.

Higher alertness, better planning

If we are physically active in the morning, and expose ourselves to sunlight, we will feel better and think better. Daylight is an important signal to synchronize our body clock with the environment.

If we are better planners, our ability to prioritize our relationships will increase. We will also plan our meals better. Finally, we’ll be more likely to go to bed on time.

Walking during the morning hours helps to reset melatonin levels as well, directly improving our ability to fall asleep on time.

It’s under our control

Someone we love might not be available to talk to, or connect with.

Meal quality might be controlled by family members or the workplace environment.

We may have to work the night shift.

Stepping outside shortly after we wake up is generally an action, or habit, that we can control. Most of us can find at least 10-15 minutes to venture outside our door, after rolling out of bed…

Even Nelson Mandela was able to nurture this habit during his 27 years in prison. Mandela, who lived until the age of 95, credited this keystone habit for keeping him vigorous and sharp.

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