Do you remember the last time you successfully completed a New Year’s resolution? ????

If the answer is “No!,” then try seasonal goals.

Introduction to Body Clock Calendar

Our bodies evolved to synchronize with the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Variations in temperature and daylight throughout the year – depending on latitude – have informed the best periods for mammals to hibernate, reproduce and migrate, for millennia.

Humans experience seasonal variation in metabolism, mood, and sleep habits, for example.

Dividing our Goals Seasonally

If we observe our own personal behavior, perhaps we can discover certain patterns.

What time of year do I experience the highest energy? Perhaps the Spring and Summer months.

What time of year do I feel more inward and introspective? Perhaps the Winter.

If you have a list of Goals, consider dividing them according to the seasons.

Outdoor, physically active and extroverted social Goals may feel more natural during the Spring and Summer? Indoor, thoughtful and intimate Goals may feel more natural during the Winter?

A Tool for Seasonal Goals

We’re happy to introduce a solution for planning and tracking Seasonal Goals with Owaves. Think of it as a “Vision Board,” divided by season. Notice the progress bar, which will remind you how much time you have left for the current season.

The accompanying Widgets will help you stay #Focused in a distracted world, on your home screen. You can choose any of your current season’s Goals to display. Adjust your region in Settings, if needed.

We hope you enjoy! If you think of more tools you need to PLAN and FOCUS on your personal wellness and productivity Goals, please let us know: We would also love to hear your feedback.

With love and gratitude, the whole Owaves Team.

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