Craft your vision season by season

Your body changes with the seasons, throughout the year. Your day plans should too. This summer, we rolled out Seasonal Goals. In that announcement, we discussed the importance of circannual rhythms – annual biological patterns that impact our daily lives. Now we’re introducing Seasonal Day Plans!

Each day, depending on our relation to the equator, we are exposed to a different amount of daylight. The amount of daylight we are exposed to influences our alertness levels, mood and metabolism. The amount of daylight our environment is exposed to determines the temperature and atmospheric pressure. This means all the plants and animals we are surrounded by will also be affected.

Definition of a “season”

We are currently following astronomical seasons for our Seasonal Day Plans, as laid out by the biannual equinoxes and solstices. We recognize there is variability in how we experience and define seasons globally — we will thus enable much more customization in our Seasonal Settings in the future. For specific suggestions or ideas, please email us at:

How do I find my seasonal rhythm?

In the busy humdrum of our day-to-day lives, it is tempting to forget about seasons.

In reality, for many people, the difference between fall and winter, for example, may feel negligible. Imagine a busy executive living in a skyscraper in Houston, Texas. She/he/they may be surrounded by four walls most of the day, with an insulated around-the-clock thermostat.

It is also important to note that seasons may vary significantly from region to region. Winter and summer are flipped, depending on your hemisphere. In India, we have the concept of “monsoon season”, to characterize the rainiest time of year. Climate change is also varying our experiences.

Our suggestion, to start, is to experiment and observe. This may be the first time you note seasonal patterns in your physiology or behavior. Use our Owaves app to take notes and write these observations down, in the Notes section of your “O”. Upon reflection, you may begin to notice what works well for summer days versus winter days, for example…

Build in the best of what you learn into your Seasonal Day Plans. Allow for experiments, and prepare to be surprised. But most of all, enjoy! ????



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