Seasonal Day Plans


Craft your vision season by season Your body changes with the seasons, throughout the year. Your day plans should too. Last summer, we rolled out Seasonal Goals. In that announcement, we discussed the importance of circannual rhythms – annual biological patterns that impact our daily lives. Now we’re introducing Seasonal Day Plans! Each day, depending on the season and our relation to …

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Sunrise Walks


What is the single, most healthy habit? 🤔 Good question… Some ideas for the best habits So why might sunrise walks outrank everything above? We think best in the morning 🌤 Our alertness levels peak during the morning hours, thanks to a healthy boost of cortisol. This means, the best time to plan our days, weeks, and seasons may be during the …

New Year or New Season?

Seasonal Goals

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Do you remember the last time you successfully completed a New Year’s resolution? 🤔 If the answer is “No!,” then try seasonal goals. Introduction to Circannual Rhythms Our bodies evolved to synchronize with the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Variations in temperature and daylight throughout the year – depending on latitude – have informed the best periods for mammals to …


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Owaves wants to hear from you! Enter our #BackToSchool🎁 Giveaway! It’s easy! Share your personal back to school tip(s) that gets you into your flow. Have fun and be creative… you may even win a rad prize! How to enter: Below is the graphic you can download and share to your Instagram story! How to upload the graphic to your Instagram Story: …

Let There Be Light When the Time Is Right: Light’s Circadian Impact

Calo HuangCircadian Rhythm

At any second, half of our planet is bathed in sunlight and the other half is soaked in darkness. And as Earth rotates, days and nights alternate, and this light-dark cycle has shaped Earth’s life for at least 3.7 billion years. Various organisms have evolved a system, a ‘biological clock,’ to predict the time of day and optimize their behaviors accordingly.       In …

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Sleep: The Main Course in Life’s Feast and a Key to Health

Calo HuangCircadian Rhythm, Sleep

“Innocent sleep…that soothes away all our worries…that puts each day to rest…that relieves the weary laborer and heals hurt minds. Sleep, the main course in life’s feast, and the most nourishing.”  ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth When I was a kid, I was crazily passionate about basketball. Four hours a day, seven days a week, I ended up dribbling and shooting on the …

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Chronotypes—Night Owls, Early Larks, Finches—and Why They All Matter

Calo HuangChronotypes, Circadian Rhythm

For creatures on the Earth, anticipation is the name of the game in survival. When is the best time for foraging, resting, or hiding from predators? Abilities to sense the answers to these questions make the difference between life and death. During billions of years of evolution, various organisms have equipped themselves with internal, self-sustained, and resettable rhythms called circadian rhythms. Circadian …

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Don’t Let Time Blindness Steal Your Productivity This Summer!

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School is out! [Insert victory dance here!] Fun and relaxing summer days lie ahead. They’re brimming with possibilities like the water bubbling behind a jet ski, propelling you toward leisure! Long days where the seconds seem to slowly saunter by as you lazily lie on your couch or on the beach likely sound wonderful to you right now, after a school year’s …

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UC Rankings for Mental Health: 2021

Owaves TeamMental Health

Owaves has worked on developing a holistic mental health ranking system for the nine University of California (UC) Campuses—UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz—at the undergraduate level. The motivation behind this ranking system is as follows. Many students utilize ranking systems provided by various sources …