Owaves Reaches 20,000 Users,
Launches on iPhone

Dear fellow day-crafters,

We’re excited to announce that the international Owaves community is Growing.

Earlier this year, we passed 20,000 downloads worldwide.  We’re now live in over 100 countries and available in thirteen languages including: Spanish, French, Korean, Hindi and Russian.

Over 500,000 healthy activities have been planned on our wellness app for iPad since its release on iTunes less than a year ago.

And now we’re ready to launch the iPhone.

The iPhone holds true to our original focus on emphasizing the basics of a long, healthy life as per the American College of Lifestyle Medicine:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation
  • Love and Social

The 24-hour sunrise clock toggles between our new half-moon design and our traditional “O” interface.  You’ll be able to create and store full routines (MWF anyone?), while navigating through Week and Month views as well.

We also took time to provide an animated tutorial to help get the ball rolling.

A special Thanks to all our beta testers (over 1,000 of them!) for patiently helping us improve day by day over the last few months.

As always, your ongoing feedback and thoughts are invaluable to us.  Please keep emailing our team at: team@owaves.com with any thoughts or questions.

Thank you, we hope you enjoy!

the Owaves team

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Owaves is the World’s First Wellness Planner!

In October of 2017, three scientists won the Nobel Prize for the new and up-and-coming science of circadian rhythms. Owaves is the first calendaring system designed to optimize your own personal circadian rhythm, also called the “body clock”. We help you plan meals, exercise and sleep in a unique, 24-hour pattern.

Owaves is a physician-designed calendar that helps you discover, maintain and optimize your body clock. Built in teamwork with award-winning game and puzzle app developers, the interface is beautiful, sleek and easy-to-use.

FREE for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch: Download. For Android, please join our waitlist here. To join our virtual wellness community, connect with us through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. We love to your hear your feedback at: feedback@owaves.com.