How to Use Owaves to Reach Your 2016 Resolutions

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How are your 2016 resolutions coming? Are you on track to reach them?

Now is the time to recommit to the goals you set for yourself back in 2015!
Did you know that Owaves is the only app to help you both plan AND track your health & wellness goals? Follow these steps to use Owaves and double down on your New Year’s resolutions today:

1. Make sure your iOS software is up-to-date.  iOS 9 will ensure all your health apps and devices are properly synchronized by Apple Health. Don’t have the memory on your phone? Click here for easy ways to free up space.

2. Download Owaves if you’re brand new or Update the software if you’re a pro.

3. Sync Owaves with Apple Health by clicking our Menu on the bottom right of your screen, turn on “Health” and select Sleep Analysis, Steps AND Workouts.

Apple Health

Apple Health

4. Sync all of your favorite wellness apps and devices to Apple Health (JawBone UP, Misfit, MapMyRun, Sleep Cycle, etc.).  If you’re new to wellness tracking, our recommendation is to just use your iPhone.  iPhone will track your Steps automatically, you’ll manually log Workouts (like yoga, CrossFit or swimming) into Apple Health, and use Sleep Cycle as an alarm clock to automatically track your Sleep.

For a list of additional partner apps and devices to help you easily track Exercise & Sleep, click here.

5.  Enjoy using Owaves to view and track your progress across ALL your favorite apps and devices! The simple dashboard is the first to let you both plan AND track your exercise, sleep, nutrition and more…

May 2016 be your most centered and balanced year yet!

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