At the bottom of the noise in the $2-3 trillion healthcare debate, there’s a piercing, resonant truth that Lifestyle Vital Signs such as exercise, sleep, nutrition, love and stress management are the keys to preventing and treating over 80% of the disease we face today.

Instead of placing your faith in the next designer pill or expensive gadget, download a free app that let’s you plan and track your Lifestyle Vital Signs.

Owaves is the first day-planner designed to give you a 360° view of your day. Our latest addition, “Stats“, is the only platform that allows you to track your progress in each of the aforementioned five lifestyle vital signs. With our Apple Health integration, you can now see planned versus “actual” for both sleep and exercise.

Have fun, plan well and stay healthy,

Royan, CEO at Owaves
Royan Kamyar

Owaves is the World’s First Wellness Planner!

In October of 2017, three scientists won the Nobel Prize for the new and up-and-coming science of circadian rhythms. Owaves is the first calendaring system designed to optimize your own personal circadian rhythm, also called the “body clock”. We help you plan meals, exercise and sleep in a unique, 24-hour pattern.

Owaves is a physician-designed calendar that helps you discover, maintain and optimize your body clock. Built in teamwork with award-winning game and puzzle app developers, the interface is beautiful, sleek and easy-to-use.

FREE for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch: Download. For Android, please join our waitlist here. To join our virtual wellness community, connect with us through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. We love to your hear your feedback at: