Owaves is a start-up founded in Encinitas, California. Our mission is to help you PLAN and FOCUS on your health and wellness goals. Our team integrates top-tier talent from the design, engineering, and preventive medicine community.

O-AdityaBehave Team

Aditya Bhave

VP Engineering

—to build innovative technology that solves people’s problems.

O-NewmanAmy Team

Amy Newman

Sr. Community


—to create opportunities that bring people together.

O-BobSlapin Team

Bob Slapin


—to help early stage companies build out for investment, growth, and profitability.

O-GabeNeri Team

Gabe Neri

UX Developer

—to help our experiences grow through the evolution of design.

O-KimberlyBeswick Team

Kimberly Beswick

UX Engineer

—to learn new things from books, teachers, nature, media, and my wise dogs; Baron and Eden.

O-LianaLianov1 Team

Liana Lianov,

Scientific Advisor

—to inspire and support fellow mankind in harnessing the unique “self” for happiness, health, and greater good.

O-MatinNazari Team

Matin Nazari, MPH

Sr. Community


—to aid people with insights gained through my education and experience.

O-NimaParish Team


Head of Security

—to be a crate raiding, toe licking, belly crawling, lizard hunter.

O-ReggieParish Team


Bone Treasurer

—to be a big bounding, bone stealing, bug hunting, shadow barker.

O-RoyanKamyar2 Team

Royan Kamyar, MD, MBA


—to help make the default pathway for future generations one of health & well-being.

O-ScottParish Team

Scott Parish


—to live life by design, not by default.

O-You Team


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