Recipe for Chronic Disease

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Sitting is the New Smoking

According to recent research from a new cadre of public health advocates, sitting for extended periods throughout the day is an independent risk factor for chronic disease such as heart disease – even with allotments for exercise. Sitting down too much, for too long, is bad for our health.

The typical American work day looks pretty much like this vicious cycle: 1) drive to work, 2) work for about 8 hours with maybe a one hour lunch break, 3) drive home, 4) sit in front of the TV, 5) go to sleep, and 6) do it again…

This is the definition of a sedentary lifestyle, and unfortunately it’s also the perfect recipe for developing a chronic disease: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, cancer…  the list goes on.

So find a standing desk, walk or bike to work, go for an evening/sunset hike instead of parking in front of the tube…  Revolt against the inertia that leads to illness!!

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