Imagine your ideal day. What does it look like? Plan your ideal day with Owaves by following along with the tutorial below!

Meet Calo, our Community Developer from Australia!

Screenshot from "How to Plan Your Ideal Day with Owaves" YouTube Tutorial Video that features Calo on the left and his O or day plan on the right

Here’s how I use Owaves to plan my weekend. This O (directly beneath this sentence) represents my schedule on this Sunday.

Having nine hours of sound sleep, I woke up at 10 a.m. and went to the grocery store. Now it’s about half-past twelve, and I just finished my brunch. How should I spend the rest of the day?

I can start to plan my ideal day by double-tapping the blank area to get into Edit Mode. In Owaves, there are eight different categories of activities, namely: Love, Exercise, Work, Eat, Relax, Sleep, Play, and Flow.

First, I’m going to spend some time in the library to get prepared for the upcoming week.

Press and hold the button, and you can drag your target activity into the ring. You can then adjust its duration.

At 5 p.m. I will play basketball with my friends. I’d better set up an alert for that, too.

After that, it’ll be dinner time. Oh wait! I should probably cool myself down and go for a soothing shower first. Pressing any section in the ring for around half a second allows you to move it around. Now I’ve made room for the shower time.

While partying till midnight is a tempting option, I will feel better about the early lecture tomorrow if I go to bed a bit earlier tonight. Guess I’ll just do some reading, and as always, spend some time with my family.

And here it is! This is my sweet Sunday.

If you wanna use the plan as a regular schedule, just press the O in the top right corner, save the day plan, and you can repeat it on other days.

Using the hashtag #oTime, you can also have a look at how other Owaves users plan their day.

The goal of your O is to synchronize your social time with your body clock, to optimize your health.

Feeling ready to plan your ideal day? Now it’s your turn!

How to Use Owaves’ New #MyMoai Feature as You Plan Your Day

The Owaves app also has a newly added social feature, “My Moai,” represented by the globe at the bottom right of the screen. (“Moai” is a term that signifies a social support group, and it comes from the longest living people on earth in Okinawa, Japan.)  In “My Moai,”  you will need to sign up and log in to the app in order to connect with friends, family, and other day planners.

Once you’ve created your account, you can add friends in “My Moai” by clicking the top right symbol, which shows two people, and using the searchbar there. Once you add users and they approve of your requests, you will be able to see their profiles and day plans. Look at your Moai’s day plans for inspiration as you plan your ideal day!

In addition, if you go back to the main “My Moai” screen, you’ll see a water droplet next to your loved ones’ names. Click on it to give your loved ones a “like” and support them in carrying out their planned activity.

GIF showing users the water drop button in My Moai

The purpose of this new social feature is to build a supportive digital community of day planners! Build your own nurturing community of Moai who are intentional about structuring their day and making targeted use of their time.