Owaves Launches

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Owaves Launches!

Owaves launches as the first day planner or calendar designed to balance a healthy lifestyle with work and play. Download Owaves and enjoy an easy way to plan health and wellness goals into your day. Colorful and vibrant, with a novel 24-hour clock, the planner is fun to use and lets you see your day in a whole new way. Oriented to sunrise and sunset, Owaves guides you to a balanced lifestyle and healthy circadian rhythm.

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Eastern and Western health experts agree there are five main ingredients for a long and healthy life:

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise
  4. Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality, Prayer or Managing Stress
Love and Social

Owaves is the only day planner in the world designed to let you prioritize these activities alongside work, play and miscellaneous errands.

The planner incorporates input from thought leaders in chronobiology, mindfulness, and professional sports.

It’s Visual.  It’s Fun.  And it’s Easy-to-use.

Key Features:

  • Design-a-Day
  • Save Routines
  • Add Notes
  • Localized Sunrise and Sunset


The Owaves Team

Owaves 101 is a blog series showcasing tips for work-life balance from fitness experts and successful professionals. Olympians, Ironmen, inspiring yoga teachers, physicians, and clinical dietitians, among others collaborate and share ideas in a common mission of leading healthier, fuller and more balanced lives.

Learn how uber athletes and hard-working professionals manage work-life balance and plan their days. Gain insight and tips on how to elevate your “O”. To get involved, email:feedback@owaves.com and to follow our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds.

Owaves is the World’s First Wellness Planner! Plan meals, sleep and exercise into your day. This day planner for health is FREE for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch: Download NOW!

Comments 49

  1. Hi,
    I downloaded the app, but I don’t know how to use it 🙁 I don’t see instructions on the app. Help 🙂

    1. Hi Gina! Sorry to hear! We’re going to get a brief tutorial up on the next version – out by hopefully next month. Please don’t hesitate to email us with specific Q’s! ola@owaves.com

  2. I see :
    Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Managing Stress
Love and Social
    But I don’t see work nor commuting or travelling. Should they stay grey ?
    And what about reading, movie, museums and hobbies ?
    Nevertheless, interesting app !

    1. Hi Sylvie,

      Thank you so much for your note!!

      Right now, in addition to above, we have icons for: Work (Yellow Briefcase), Play/Fun (Purple Beach Ball) and Miscellaneous/Spontaneous/Random (Pink Star).

      As above, Work is the Yellow icon w/ the brief case 🙂

      Commuting or Traveling might fit under Miscellanous OR under Relax (that’s how I personally like to view it!!)

      Reading I usually use Relax unless it’s Work-oriented.

      Movies and Museums I usually use Play/Fun.

      Hobbies can be Play/Fun, Relax, Exercise or Nutrition, depending on the type…

      BUT! As I’m sure you’d like to see given above, we’ll be adding new icons very soon, and in the future you’ll be able to customize activities and icons as well!! Please stay tuned!! :))

  3. Hello
    I am trying to use the app, but how can I make a specific day a routine day?
    I do not know how to do that.
    Thanks and kind regards

    1. Hi Petra!

      So glad you are trying Owaves!

      There are two (2) ways to create a new Routine. Once you have designed your day, and are ready to save your filled Wheel:

      1) Press and Hold in the Center of the Wheel (i.e. next to Date) and you should see a “paint drop” of the Wheel pattern appear under your finger. Simply drag and drop into the Routines Menu 🙂

      2) Just go to Routines Menu and double tap an empty Routine slot!

      Please let us know if you are successful.

      And please don’t hesitate with further Q’s!! Here is my direct email address: royan@owaves.com (CEO)

  4. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would greatly appreciate if the following functions can be added to the app:

    1. Reminders / alarms
    2. Delete unwanted routines (I used up the four spaces but did not know how to delete them)

    Thank you very much for designing such a nice app.

    1. Hi Eleanor!

      Thank you so much for the kind note and thoughtful feedback.

      1) Reminders/alarms will be enabled in next version, due out by end of August!
      2) You can already Delete unwanted routines! Simply press and hold on the old Routine until an “X” pops up… then click the “X” to delete! (A tutorial will be available in the next version as well)

      With best wishes and gratitude for the kind words and support,

      Royan and the Owaves team.

  5. Do you think you could add using prayer to our fourth area? Close to 75% of Americans are professing Christians and a 2011 Gallup Poll showed 92% believe in God.

    I think you’d gain a lot more use of your app if you addressed prayer.


  6. Hi, I have downloaded this app and really love the aesthetic. Great job!

    The only point I would make is it took me a while to work out what on earth to do. It would be great if a “help” section could be added to the app with a key of symbols and how to use the functions. It took me some researching, reading comments and trial and error to get to grips with it and I find myself to be a pretty able person.

    Also, if you added reminders, more options and icons (like a little house for household chores, or a diary for appointments perhaps?), that would make it absolutely perfect.

    I’d also love a function where I could plan my day on one circle, create and actual day on another and compare the two, perhaps in a percentage score? I’m great at planning but even better at not following through- so that would be sooo helpful and would get you a definite 5 stars 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for this wonderful feedback. Our team was blown away to read your message – many of the improvements you are recommending are items we’ve outlined as priorities for future versions.

      > We have a Tutorial coming out with our newest version of the App, which is due out by end of this month, “v1.1”. The Tutorial should answer most usage questions, but at this point still lacks a Key. We have noted this oversight based on your note, and will ensure the next version includes a symbol key. Meanwhile, you may already have found this but here is a quick review:

      Heart = Love
      Running Shoe = Exercise
      Briefcase = Work
      Beach Ball = Play
      Star = Miscellaneous
      Yin-Yang = Relax
      Zzzz = Sleep
      Fork and Knife = Eat

      > Reminders in the form of Notifications will be included in this next version of the App due out by end of this month, v1.1

      > The ability to add more options/icons to the menu is a high priority for future versions of the App. Your note helps confirm the demand for this, and we will be working diligently to provide.

      > We are also working on creating the side-by-side analysis for Actual v Planned days 🙂 Stay Tuned!!!

      With much gratitude and appreciation for your thoughtful feedback,

      Royan and the Owaves Team

  7. Hi,

    I just read your reply and I must say, I am incredibly impressed with your response- you are officially my favourite app support team! So nice to get such an in-depth response and feel like my input really matters to you so much. Thank you.

    It’s fantastic to know that you are thinking along the same lines as me as the consumer- you definitely have your finger on the pulse 🙂

    I wish you all the very best with the development of this wonderful app and will certainly be watching out for your future updates with anticipation.

    Lisa x

    PS. if you happen to need creative input, you know where I am 😉 Though I’m sure you have it all in hand 😛

  8. Hi Royan,

    Nice app! It didn’t take me too long to figure everything out. But like previous comments, a guidr for the icon will be helpful.

    One question, is this designed to add a picture in the middle? and how to do it?
    I like the idea the schedule circle + picture = characteristic!

    1. Hi Claire!

      Thank you for the support!! :))

      – Good call, yes we will build in a Key to the next Tutorial or at least some way to hover and get the title

      – The picture idea came after submission of the last version to help support the launch and “Share Your O” concept. We are working with our developers now to implement and make this an easy quick touch process!!

      Will of course keep you updated :))

      Thank you Claire!


    1. Hi Kartik! Thank you for your interest!

      Plan is get Android rolling out beginning of 2015. We will add you to our mailing list for updates!

      Kind Regards,


  9. Dear Royan,

    I downloaded this app from appstore about an hour ago, and I think it will help me organize my schedule easily. Plus, it’s really easy to use.

    But There’s one thing I would like it to be changed; a date part.

    I live in South Korea and right now, the time is September 13th, saturday. But the planner says it’s friday.

    I wonder if there’s any setting function to chage the day.

    Except for that, I think it’s a brilliant app, and people from all over the world would be happy to use it sometime:)

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Wow. Thank you for this news. We had not heard of this problem before, so we really appreciate you letting us know!

      I have our team working on this, and I hope to fix the bug by next release. I will personally email you to let you know when it is ready.

      We really appreciate the kind words of support, and hope to have Owaves in your hands and working properly soon.



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  12. I am a High School Special Education teacher who knows that her students would soar by incorporating your app into their lifestyle for both academic and socio-emotional success. I was wondering if you had any interest in partnering with schools or possibly working on developing a pilot program with me, where we can have students use your app to set and achieve goals for a happier, healthier lifestyle. So many of my students suffer from fear and anxiety, and your app would allow them to work as a team with their teachers, parents and support team to live their best life.

    Our school had a set of class i-pads and I would be interested in test driving your app with about 20 students who have varying disabilities and classifications.

    Would love to think up and do something really outside of the box to help the students who need creative and passionate thinkers like you the most.

    Hoping we can connect.

    Thank you!

    Maureen Murphy
    Special Education Teacher
    Commack High School
    Commack, NY

    1. Dear Maureen,

      Your note has touched us deeply. I cannot express how grateful we are to hear your kind and supportive words.

      Our team is 100% behind the mentioned pilot study.

      You can reach me anytime at: 858.829.7817 (cell) or royan@owaves.com.

      I will follow-up on the provided email address as well to see if we can set up a time to talk.


      Royan Kamyar, M.D., MBA

    1. Hi Monica!! Sincere apologies for delayed reply. For some reason, a lot of these comments got hidden from us.

      We are actively working on this feature now – side by side comparison of what you Planned to do versus what you Actually did – by integrating HealthKit.

      Is that what you are referring to?


    1. Shanti, Sincere apologies for the delayed reply. We are hoping to release an Android version early next year (2016). Would you like us to include you in our Android mailing list for updates?

    1. Thank you Fay! And apologies for delayed reply. Family time is supposed to be included in the Red “Heart” activity – for “Love or Social”, i.e. spending time with Family & Friends. In development is a “Create-a-Button” option so you can combine preferred icons and colors!

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  14. hello there! I am having problems with the switching on of the reminder. It won’t stay on, as soon as I swipe the action it doesn’t stay there once I select it, it goes back to off. I’d love to have a reminder to actually utilize the schedule properly. Other then that I am in love with the layout of this scheduling app. If that one bug is fixed I’d love to promote this app to my social network sites. I love the concept. (:

    1. Hi Laccey,

      Thank you so much for reporting this problem. We have not heard this happening before, and are not experiencing it on our own devices. Would it be possible to know what version of iOS you are using? And the model of your device? Meanwhile, this has been reported to our development team and we’ll hopefully have a fix out soon 😀 Royan

    1. Hi Mir! Right now we use the Pink Star for Miscellaneous tasks not captured by the other icons… i.e. Chores. We sometimes call it Random, or Spontaneous, and for brevity within the App, “Flow” 🙂 In the meantime, we are actively working on adding new categories and allowing you to create your own. Please stay tuned!

  15. I installed and began using your app three days ago. I was drawn to it by both its both its aesthetic and its promised functions.

    Three days in, I must say I am absolutely in love with it! It is perfectly aligned with one’s natural cyclical schedule, it’s incredibly user friendly, but for me personally its best feature is that you can create your own statistical graph over time, where you can actually view and compare the length of the colors to determine important facts of your life, such as, if you are sleep deprived, if you are getting enough exercise, if you need to relax more in-between work sessions, and even how sleep or relaxation or simply doing something you enjoy allows you a longer work session. This app is truly impressive and you can tell it’s the result of a brilliant idea being applied and coming to life.

    What I feel could improve my own experience, is the ability to write more notes and to add, perhaps, photographs, or a sound bite or even a short video, in the cycle (not just the center) like a record of one’s experiences. I really wish this could completely replace my daily calendar as well as my diary.

    1. Dear Niki,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful note.

      I will be sharing your comment with our Team, and ensure your ideas around more notes, photos, audio and video are placed on our “to-do” list.

      Will be sure to keep you updated with our progress.

      Heartened to hear that you love Owaves!



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