How do I invite my family and friends?

Owaves Team

Click on the top right “friends” icon on the My Moai page. Click on the top right “add friends” icon. Allow Owaves to access contacts (if prompted). Invite friends by clicking on the blue “+ Invite” button. This should open up a text message with a link inviting them to the app!

What is My Moai?

Elaine Fang

My Moai is the new social feature that allows you to see your friends and family’s day plans and synchronize theirs with your own. The concept of Moai, an Okinawan term, refers to the social groups that provide support for individual and group wellbeing.

How do I sign up for an account?

Elaine Fang

You can sign up for an account by going to the My Moai page, and signing up using your email or telephone number. You should receive a verification email or text once you have signed up.

How do I add friends on My Moai?

Elaine Fang

Click on the top right “friends” icon on the My Moai page. Click on the top right “add friends” icon  Search for your friends by entering their Owaves user or invite your current contacts to join the app and your Moai.

What do the seeds, water, sun icons next to my profile mean?

Elaine Fang

Seeds represent how many activities you have planned. Water represents the number of reactions you have left or received on My Moai. The Sun represents streaks for each day you use the app. We’ll be rolling out more features and rewards around these components in the near future. Here is an example screenshot of the icons:

How do I plan or edit my day?

Elaine Fang

Double-tap on the white space surrounding the O to enter Edit Mode. From Edit Mode, you will be able to add activities and plan your day. Once you’re finished planning your day, double-tap on the white space again to exit Edit Mode.

How do I share my Day Plan on to my Instagram story?

Elaine Fang

To share your Day Plan onto your Instagram story, follow these steps: Press Owaves’ Share Button at the top right of your screen. Swipe left where the row of apps is and select the “More” button with the three dots. Scroll down and click “Stories.”