Episode 3: Introducing Dr. Royan

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Founder and CEO of Owaves, Dr. Royan Kamyar, discusses his passion for circadian rhythms, lifestyle medicine and mindfulness. Hear a bit about the journey behind Owaves, and why we are on a mission to revolutionize time.


Dr. Royan Kamyar: Hey folks, Royan Kamyar CEO of Owaves, and co-host of the new Body Clock Podcast. Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We’re going explore the power of circadian rhythms and their potential to heal, their potential to optimize our health, and reach our highest levels of productivity and peak performance. So it’s really an exciting subject.

I’m honored to be joined by my fellow physicians and doctors, Haroon Kazem, Sohaib Imtiaz, and Regan Stiegmann. We’re going to do some exploring and cover lifestyle medicine, technology, innovation, a lot of exciting topics with someone world-renowned experts. We’re going to invite athletes and physicians, scientists, nutritionists, researchers, and really explore this new budding Nobel winning science of circadian rhythms.

A little bit about my background, I went to medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. After completing undergrad at UC Berkeley in biochemistry and business administration, I did my medical intern year in downtown Manhattan and really experienced first-hand the irony of the physician lifestyle where we really teach lifestyle medicine to our patients but really don’t embody that practice in ourselves. So once I started business school at UC San Diego after my medical intern year and receiving my physician’s license, I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my health to get there.

And that’s why I started Owaves. I was actually doing it with paper and pen, when I started out, mostly for myself during business school and the realization that I could digitize and turned into software didn’t come much later. But really what it was was a way for me to prioritize things like sleep, exercise, and meals and to my 24 hour day and not lose sight of them among the work, and errands, and other responsibilities that traditionally occupied my calendar day planning system. So it’s a really novel way to look at your day.

With sunrises start to day, really emphasizing circadian rhythms and synchronizing with sunrise and sunset, and filling your 24 hours, your precious time, with the key ingredients of a long healthy life, which we know what they are: exercise, sleep, managing stress, spending time with your loved ones, and nutrition. So we call those the Five Lifestyle Vital signs.

And one of the exciting realities about those five common, excuse me, those Five Lifestyle Vital signs is that they have a common denominator of time. Unless you prioritize time for it, it won’t happen. And hours and minutes are actually a very meaningful way to plan, manage, track those measures, those ingredients, those key lifestyle vital signs and so we really think time is the vital sign, frankly, for prevention and wellness. And we really want to start a revolution around time. Starting a new way of keeping time and new timekeeping system that’s health-based on our circadian biology, and ultimately, promotes overall well-being, happiness, the things that matter.

So I hope you enjoy the ride. We’ll talk a lot more about these topics and related ones with the experts from all over the world. OK, take care and thanks for tuning in.

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