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Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH is a board-certified physician in lifestyle medicine from the United Kingdom who ranked among the top 10 students nationally in statistics, business studies, and information technology. He focuses on lifestyle medicine while exploring technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Sohaib chose to study in his hometown of Manchester in order to prioritize his well-being and relationships. He believes in prevention and in ‘Supra-Health,’ the ability to optimize our health.


Dr. Sohaib Imtiaz: Hi, it’s Dr. Sohaib here and I’m a board certified lifestyle medicine doctor. I’m also an NHS clinical entrepreneur and I’m part of the Owaves team. I’m very excited to be working with Owaves, Owaves app, which focuses on circadian rhythms and circadian biology which is an emerging field of research.

My personal interests are in human performance, health optimization, prevention of chronic disease, as well as behavioral change, and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality. You’ll be hearing me discussing a range of topics with my co-hosts. I’m a big believer in Owaves. I really feel that it can help optimize your life and help you manage your time much more efficiently.

So a bit of my background, I am a doctor. I have a Masters in Public Health. I’ve also spent a year in business school. I’m very interested in technology as well. I’ve been reading around in a lot of various topics.

I look forward to having a range of guests on the show where we can deep dive into many topics, which I’m sure you’ll find very insightful. We’ll be bringing you the latest research in the health space. And with digital health growing at such a rapid rate, this podcast will be essential for everyone who’s wanting to stay in touch with what’s happening in the emerging trends to listen to.