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Haroon Kazem, DC is a Doctor of Chiropractic based in San Diego, CA. He’s an evidence-based healthcare practitioner that utilizes chiropractic treatment and philosophy to better his patients’ health one adjustment at a time.


Dr. Haroon Kazem: Hey guys, this is Dr. Haroon Kazem. I’m a chiropractor based out of San Diego, California. Thank you so much for joining me on this episode of the Body Clock Podcast. This isn’t really an actual episode, this is more so that you can get an intro of myself as well as Doctors Royan, Sohaib, and Regan. The three of them I believe are doing individual intro videos which you can watch to put a face to the name. We collectively are the hosts of a show called The Body Clock Podcast and that’s presented by an application called Owaves.

Owaves, as you see right here, is the number one wellness app on the App Store currently as of September 2018 and we’re only growing. It’s an excellent application that gives you a visual daily representation of how you structure your time. More importantly, whether or not you’re getting enough sleep and just works as a really good visual game plan to keep things balanced and where they should be.

As a provider myself, I treat mostly patients that come in with chronic pain, chronic disease, you name it. Anything that you could ever expect walks through my door and lots of times, it’s mostly just me on hands-on physical chiropractic care. But a big component of what I do as a health care provider is preach the concept and components of lifestyle medicine. And for those that don’t know lifestyle medicine, it’s basically an approach that takes into account a patient’s nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, healthy relationships, and tobacco and alcohol usage. It sort of factors those six categories as the pillars to having a healthy happy lifestyle.

And a big part of what we do at Owaves is to constantly focus our technology, as well as the content that we’re going to be providing on the podcast, around speaking to brilliant minds; the leaders in terms of research and studying the effects of circadian rhythms, managing those circadian rhythms and how they play into disease, as well as every other component of our lives.

And just a little bit more about me, I’m really passionate about this whole movement that we’re trying to get going at Owaves because I come from a family with a strong history of chronic disease; lost four grandparents all to chronic disease, cancer, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, you name it. It’s a big thing folks. And nowadays there’s a big movement happening. Thankfully, that involves a lot more focus on preventative care and stopping these types of horrible diseases from developing in the first place because I think for far too long, we’ve been concerned with treating symptoms and with treating the problem once it’s progressed into a problem, rather than focusing more on the early signs, early detection.

And what we can do as individuals in terms of combating what seems to be an ever-worsening situation with people getting sick and nowadays there’s been lots of research that’s currently ongoing on the effects of circadian rhythm management. And the studies are they’re huge. The effects are profound and it seems more than ever that a big component of being healthy is managing your circadian rhythms; getting enough sleep, making sure that you’re taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, as well as what you’re putting into your body.

There’s so much that goes into it and at Owaves, our goal is to be able to provide a very structured helpful outline on how you can balance those elements to the best of your ability. And for the most part, it’s an honor to be working myself. I feel like it’s an honor to work alongside doctors such as Dr. Royan, Dr. Sohaib, Dr. Regan. They are all brilliant. They each bring their own individual talents and passions to the table and I really enjoy working alongside them. I think you guys are really going to like the content that we provide on the shows. And stay tuned because we’re going have some awesome guests on the show. People who were at the cutting edge of science, technology, research, you know, you name it.

Other than that, just wanted to do a quick little video so you guys can get to know who I am and see me. We do primarily focus on a podcast format, so it’s going to be mostly audio. So I hope you guys enjoy the show and, yeah. Make sure you download the Owaves app. App Store Owaves. Just type in wellness, it’ll come up. It’s number one. See you guys.

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In October of 2017, three scientists won the Nobel Prize for the new and up-and-coming science of circadian rhythms. Owaves is the first calendaring system designed to optimize your own personal circadian rhythm, also called the “body clock”. We help you plan meals, exercise and sleep in a unique, 24-hour pattern.

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