Did you plan your day today?  If so, you probably found time for that healthy snack, a light jog, or to enjoy the evening with your loved ones.

Sometimes we get caught in a trap of poor day-planning, and that can lead to vicious cycles.

When we forget to eat a square breakfast or lunch, for example, we might reach for calorie-dense bites such as a donut or a salty cracker to stave our hunger.  High-fat, high-sugar and high-salt foods are addicting and lead to a continuous cycle of poor eating habits.

Also, when we stress out from a day gone awry due to poor planning, we are more likely to seek quick-fix “stress-relief” methods such as tobacco, alcohol, and TV watching.  These behaviors eventually lead to serious chronic disease when repeated over a lifetime.

Proactively planning our day to include healthy activities turns the tables on chronic disease, and instead fosters a cycle of positive growth and well-being.

Poor Time Management

Owaves is the World’s First Wellness Planner!

In October of 2017, three scientists won the Nobel Prize for the new and up-and-coming science of circadian rhythms. Owaves is the first calendaring system designed to optimize your own personal circadian rhythm, also called the “body clock”. We help you plan meals, exercise and sleep in a unique, 24-hour pattern.

Owaves is a physician-designed calendar that helps you discover, maintain and optimize your body clock. Built in teamwork with award-winning game and puzzle app developers, the interface is beautiful, sleek and easy-to-use.

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