Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family! Have you ever wondered about Santa’s schedule on Christmas Eve? How does he manage to travel so far and get so many things done? Many people don’t know, but Santa is quite a technology aficionado. He’s constantly checking his iPhone 6 for the latest weather, snappy new Christmas carols, and to get thousands of Christmas Lists by email.

One of his favorite apps is Owaves, which lets him make the most of his time each day in the toy factory, with the reindeer, and for date nights with Mrs. Claus. He was kind enough to share his O with us today on his busiest day of the year. See how he’ll spend his time today below.

Santa’s Schedule on Christmas Eve

  • 4 am – Wake and Review List of Naughty and Nice Boys and Girls
  • 5 am – Pre-Christmas Jogging Meeting with Elves
  • 6 am – Kale and Fruit Smoothie
  • 7 am – Feed Reindeer
  • 7:30 – Check List Twice
  • 8 am – Load Up Sleigh with Toys and Goodies
  • 9 am – Use iPhone to Check Weather South of the Pole
  • 10 am – Harness Rudolph and Friends and Put on Sleigh-bells
  • 11 am – Connect his iPhone to the NORAD Santa Tracker
  • Noon – Enjoy Healthy Lunch in Advance of Cookies and Milk for Dinner
  • 1 pm – Spend Some Quality Time with Mrs. Claus
  • 3 pm – Put on Red Suit and Hat
  • 4 pm – Head South Shouting “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen!”
  • 4-11 pm – Work, With Intermittent Snack Breaks
  • 11 pm – Shout “Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!”
  • Midnight – Return to the North Pole for a Long Winter’s Nap

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