The office of Presidency demands discipline, foresight and creative thinking. Who handles their time better day-to-day?

Hillary’s Day

Hillary Clinton set records as Secretary of State for most miles traveled (1 million) and most countries visited (112). As released by the government, her daily schedule was approximately 9-to-5 with meetings down to five minute intervals planned in detail. Granted, Hillary is reliant on aids, chefs and personal trainers to get her through the day. But this delegatory process creates enough space in her routine to include a brief afternoon nap and time with loved ones in the evening.

Hillary Clinton

Bernie’s Day

Bernie Sanders’ day is more reminiscent of the absent-minded professor passionately trying to accomplish a good deed. Rolling Stone reporters describe him as “harried”, “busy” and almost erratic. More than one biographer reports long, passionate debates and notes scribbled on yellow pads throughout the home and office. Bernie’s saving graces throughout his tumultuous day are: nature, his family (especially grandchildren) and music.

Bernie Sanders

The Match Up

Both candidates emphasize time with family as a staple for staying grounded and centered. Hillary seems to be more passionate about sleep, especially since suffering from a personal health scare in 2012. Bernie seems to be rolling at the same frenetic pace he’s kept since his early days of political office in the ’80s.

Who do you think plans a better day? Does it make a difference in determining who will be a better President?

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