Vanessa Zaragoza is entering her 4th Year at California State University San Marcos, and she is majoring in Mass Media. In her spare time, she likes to focus on fitness! She loves going to the gym and attending yoga classes. Her lifelong dream is to be a writer for television or magazines, and in the future, she hopes to be able to manifest this dream!


San Diego, CA

Personal motto:

“What you think, you become.” – Buddha

Favorite Vegetable:


Favorite Book:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Favorite Exercise:

Weight lifting

Favorite Way to Center:


Vanessa’s Daily Routine:

  • 7:30     AM  Breakfast
  • 8:00     AM  Work out at the gym
  • 10:00   AM  Drink protein shake and read a book
  • 10:30   AM  Intern work
  • 1:30      PM  Shower and get ready for work
  • 2:30     PM  Work
  • 11:00    PM  Watch TV and unwind
  • 12:00    AM  Sleep

How did you learn about Owaves?

I looked up internships!

What is your favorite part about Owaves?

It’s visually appealing and easy to use.

Why is Owaves different from a normal calendar?

It’s fun and more personalized since you can add emojis for almost any activity

Do you think more people in the world should be using Owaves? If so, whom and how come?

I think more college students and busy working millennials could benefit from this app.

What is Owaves’ biggest room for improvement?

I think it’d be cool to have more facts/guidance on the app so that people can learn about whether they are sleeping enough or whether their schedule is off balance. It would be good to know.

Whose “O” would you most love to see?

I would love to see more successful students and young entrepreneurs.

Have you read our Blog or Day Plans? What was your favorite post or why?

My favorite was the one on another intern, Christina. She seems very relatable considering she is a student and intern as well. I like to read about people that are living through similar things I am.

Is there a friend or family member you think would dramatically benefit from Owaves? If so who and why would they benefit?

My sister is a behavioral therapist and is also completing her masters at school. She gets very stressed and this app is something she could benefit from.

How would you describe Owaves to family or friends?

An easy and fun to use app that will help you prepare for your day and feel motivated to get things done!

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Vanessa Zaragoza will be a senior at Cal State San Marcos. She is majoring in Mass Media, and hopes to become a writer in the future. She uses the Owaves app to stay focused and motivated every day.