Finding Balance

In 2001, I embarked on my journey into yoga. At that point, my older sister Carla had torn her ACL four times and with the suggestion of her physical therapist, took her first Bikram class. Since that day almost 15 years ago, my entire immediate family has completed yoga teacher training and in 2006, my parents opened Yoga Tropics in Encinitas. I never imagined I would teach yoga. I have been an avid practitioner for years, but always have felt that I have much more to learn about the amazing subject of yoga.

At the time of our studio’s opening, I was studying pre-nursing and Spanish at San Diego State University and had hopes of joining the Peace Corps as a bilingual nurse. By 2012, after having managed Yoga Tropics full-time since its beginning, my sister and I were added to the title of the business. Over the years, teaching yoga just became part of my daily routine and helped me to find balance and develop the lifestyle I live by today.

Overcoming Challenges

I have to admit that finding a balanced schedule as a business owner and student was challenging. Now that I am no longer in school, it has been much easier to manage my time and daily routine, though I still am working on finding balance. Some days come with unexpected challenges (i.e. last minute classes and/or shifts to cover) but overall I have a reasonable work schedule (about 40-50 hours/week) and definitely have the support of family to fill in for me when I need a break or want to leave town for a few days to reset.

I have found that diet is a key aspect of staying focused and in a good work rhythm. I’ve experimented with veganism over the years and have found that I’m at my optimum on a mostly vegan diet. Of course, I think it’s important to have a “cheat day” to give myself a little leeway to enjoy cooking and sharing my favorite dishes. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and is one of my favorite ways to relax.

Typical Tuesday

  • 630AM – Wake & Coffee!
  • 7AM – Check the Surf
  • 715AM – Surf, Yoga or Read
  • 830AM – Work
  • 130PM – Meditate, Write or Surf
  • 3PM – Lunch
  • 4PM – Work
  • 830PM – Mango Melody
  • 10PM – Sleep

Friday is my day off. To find the rhythm I need, I take my day off very seriously. Friday is my day off not only from work, but from my cell phone and computer. It’s important to unplug and enjoy nature when you can. I rarely work Fridays unless I absolutely have to.

So make a priority to build a personal day into your schedule! It’s always worth it to recharge and find your inner balance.

By Tracey Stockalper, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur and Singer. For more tips from Tracey, check out her website Yoga Tropics and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.