Within a year, organizational sensation Marie Kondo has sparked our hearts with joy — simply by de-cluttering all our closets. By removing all material objects in our houses that do not “spark joy,” a phrase she emphasizes quite often, Marie spreads her simple steps in developing balance in your house — and in our mental well-being! The excitement Marie finds is not only about de-cluttering, but living a more holistic approach to life.

By dedicating a little time to your daily routine, Marie Kondo shares with the world what it takes to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle through her bestsellers The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. In fact, she recently announced that she is adding the final touches on two new books!

So how does someone so clearly gifted at prioritizing and organizing balance her most precious commodity: her time? We had to find out…

Waking Up with a New Flow

Marie starts every day the same: allowing airflow throughout the house and lighting incense. The cool air and aromatics allow her to prepare for the day, introducing a refreshing tone to her morning. Usually waking up at 6 AM without an alarm clock, this is all she needs to welcome the day.

“When we reduce what we own and detox our house, it has a detox effect on our bodies as well.”

Sip (and Eat) What Sparks Joy Each Morning

For Marie, sipping on tea each morning is what spreads joy throughout. Miso soup and rice accompany her oolong or green tea — keeping it simplistic, similar to her organizational practices.  If tea is not your preference, any light, refreshing option works just as well.

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Work and Life Dynamic

When it comes to work and life, the balance between the two is not structured. There is no strict standard that comes with work, nor with life on a daily scale, so Marie prioritizes her balance by the current goals being met. Within each stage in our lives, every day should not be the same: we as individuals live such dynamic lives, and our daily routines should be reflective of that.

Depending on the day, Marie plans either a full day for a photo shoot or will spend her mornings on meetings and her afternoons on writing. In between, she saves time for her lunch, yoga, and non-strenuous exercise.

Wrapping up the Day

Marie’s routine ends by finishing up work around 6 in order to spend quality time with her children. That gives plenty of time to cook, play, and tuck her children into bed. Before she finishes the day, Marie will return each belonging to its designated place. Every item has a home of its own, and tidying up for less than 10 minutes each day guarantees her next day starts just as well as her former.

Each day in Marie Kondo’s life is tidy and concise, which in return brings purpose and joy to her and her loved ones. From our Owaves team to yours, making the smallest changes in your life can make the most impact — as Marie Kondo once said:

“We can only transform our lives if we sincerely want to.  Small changes transform our lives.”

With those words in mind, cherish the things you love in your life, and for the things you don’t, make a change.

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