Lori Beeken, RD, MS is a registered dietitian from Southern California. Lori has pledged herself to help others achieve their optimal health over the past decade. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in health and human performance, specializing in nutrition, at St. Mary’s College of California. She went on to complete her Master’s in nutritional sciences from San Diego State University and participated in a dietetic internship through the Loyola University of Chicago with clinical rotations at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. As a clinical dietitian, Lori is specialized in nutrition counseling for people dealing with a variety of health issues.

Lori has established a broad knowledge of how best to maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and a nutritious, well-balanced diet. She has a tremendous love for teaching others how to be creative in the kitchen with healthy and delicious recipes that the entire family will enjoy. She shares her passion for healthy cooking with her husband and two young daughters every day.

Location: Encinitas, California

Favorite Vegetable: Spinach – it is a nutritional powerhouse and it is so versatile. I love it in a yummy salad, sautéed with garlic, layered in lasagna, and blended in a smoothie.

Favorite Exercise: Running

Favorite Way to Center: Baking is very therapeutic for me. I love to bake healthier versions of my favorite treats.

Personal Motto: Compassion nourishes your soul!

Lori’s Daily Routine:

  • 5AM — Wake Up
  • 530AM – Exercise
  • 730AM – Breakfast & Coffee
  • 8AM– Work
  • 12PM – Lunch with friends and colleagues
  • 1PM – Work
  • 5PM – Pick up and play time with kids
  • 6PM – Meal prep and dinner with family
  • 730PM – Family Love Time
  • 830PM – Relax, stretch, decorate lunch box and write travel notes for husband and kids
  • 930PM – Bedtime

What gets you out of bed every morning?

My children and a good cup of Joe! Honestly, I’ve been a morning person all my life… I feel the most productive during early hours of the day. I love watching the sunrise, and the quietness of the morning when most of the world is still resting is very peaceful.

What is your #1 wellness habit?

Exercise! Moving your body every day in a way that you love will add vibrance and longevity to your life.

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

My family love time and my exercise. These two things are what make my heart tick and my soul thrives.

What about your daily routine do you think is unique or special?

I take the time every night to decorate special, unique notes for my kids’ lunch boxes. I also include travel notes in my husband’s suitcase when he leaves for business trips. I love to end my day thinking about the ones that I love most and I know it brings a smile to their faces the next day when we are apart.

What is your favorite part about living a healthy lifestyle?

The energy I feel and the positive mind-frame I am able to maintain throughout the day. I am able to give more of myself to my husband, children, clients and friends when I first take care of and love myself.

If you could give one piece of health advice to your kids, what would it be and why?

Stay active, each and every day by doing something you love. Fuel your body with nourishment that will make you feel your best.

Who’s daily routine would you most love to see?

Mother Teresa because she is a woman that I have admired and respected my entire life. I love everything that she stands for.

Describe your sleep ritual.

I like to calm myself down before bedtime by stretching, foam-rolling, and practicing calm/relaxed breathing. I always end my night with prayer.

What’s your biggest wellness challenge?

Anxiety. My anxiety is not necessarily from fear of failure, but rather being overwhelmed by all life’s responsibilities (and I have to say it has gotten worse with age). I try to manage my anxiety by living each day in the moment and not getting overwhelmed by future responsibilities.

What is the best piece of health advice you’ve ever received?

Based off of the principals of Intuitive Eating … eat foods that fuel your body and mind in a way that makes you feel your best and provide you with optimal energy. Always be in tune with your body and the messages it sends you.

Tell us about a time you were stuck in an unhealthy cycle and how you got out of it. What was the main inspiration for positive change?

There was a time where I was struggling with anxiety as I became overwhelmed with managing work, family life, and child care responsibilities. As a result, I had many sleepless nights and very poor appetite. I was able to manage my anxiety by focusing on being present in every situation and keeping perspective on what is most important in my life. My family is happy and healthy and that is what my focus should be on – this is what is most important in my life.

Lori Beeken, RD, MS is a registered dietitian who has spent the past decade helping individuals with a variety of health issues.

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