When Laurrie “McClain” Hermes was 8 years old, she had four emergency eye surgeries due to retina detachments. She is now completely blind in the right eye and only has a 5 degree field of vision in her left eye. She describes her vision as “seeing through a straw with wax paper over it.” Despite her disability, McClain has not let it stop her! At age 15, she was the youngest competitor in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Team, and she holds an astonishing 16 American records and 1 World Record for S12 vision class.  #IAmAFighter


Dacual, Georgia

What’s your favorite vegetable?


What’s your motto?

Swim by faith, not by sight

What’s your favorite book?

I love all books…it’s too hard to pick a favorite!

What’s your favorite way to center?


McClain’s Daily Routine:

  • 4:30     AM: Eat, dress, and transport to swim
  • 5:45     AM: Swim practice
  • 7:15      AM: Transport back home and have a snack
  • 8:00     AM: Nap
  • 10:00   AM: Online school work
  • 2:00     PM: Lunch and get ready for afternoon swim practice
  • 3:00     PM: Transport to swim
  • 3:45      PM: Exercise on dry land and swim
  • 6:15      PM: Transport back home
  • 7:00     PM: Eat dinner
  • 8:00    PM: Shower
  • 8:15     PM: Finish school work
  • 10:00  PM: Sleep

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Prior to the 2016 Paralympic Games, I got out of bed every morning to train so I could achieve my goal of making the team. Now, that I have accomplished that goal, I have set a new goal of making the 2020 Paralympic Team and have already begun my training.

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

My first impulse would be to respond with one word, “swimming,” but I think that it is more important that at age 15, I balance my education, swimming, and relationships with family and friends.

Whose daily routine would you most love to see?

I am so inspired by Missy Franklin and would love to see her “O”.

What is your #1 wellness habit?

I have a gluten allergy, but other than gluten, I do not limit myself of any food group and try to practice moderation, even with chocolate.

What is your favorite part of living a healthy lifestyle?

As a young female, I know that body image is on the mind of a lot of teenagers, but I am motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, because I can feel a difference in the water when I am strong and healthy. I am dedicated to my sport and living healthy will help me succeed in the pool.

Describe your sleep ritual. What time do you go to bed?

I love SLEEP! It’s my second favorite part of my day; swimming is the first. Naps are awesome and are highly recommended. I usually fall asleep listening to a book and then I have to figure out where I left off prior to falling asleep.

What is your biggest wellness challenge? How do you address it?

My love for chocolate and need for indulging in all things chocolate is a challenge. I do not eliminate chocolate from my diet, but I do try to practice moderation when it comes to this sweet treat.

McClain Hermes is a record breaking Paralympic Swimmer. She participated as the youngest swimmer in the 2016 Rio USA Paralympic Team at just 15 years old, and is constantly beating all odds to be the best competitor she can be. Support McClain in her journey by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.