How to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

As a yoga teacher, mentor and life coach, it is my mission to empower and inspire others towards a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy encouraging people to get involved in their own health, empowering them with tips and recipes, and showing them how living healthily can be really fun.

I often hear people say they think healthy living is too hard. Usually this is because they are unsure how or where to begin. There are so many gimmicks, pills and tactics trying to sell us on how we can live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. The truth is actually very simple:

  1. Be present.
  2. Take time to prepare.
  3. Keep practicing.

First we have to make a commitment to be present – to show up for the experience. Things will not change on their own. We have to be the change makers. Second, we need to mindfully prepare. To teach and lead others as much as I do for example, I plan weeks in advance. The number one way I fall off-balance is by skipping weekly food prep. Finally, I think we have to look at positive change in our lives as an ongoing process or “practice” as opposed to a one time be-all and end-all.

Manic Mondays

Take Mondays for example – a pretty challenging day for everyone.

My typical Monday consists of an early run with my dog, followed by teaching yoga classes, one-on-one training sessions and mentoring yogis throughout the day, my own yoga practice splashed in there somewhere, planning and promoting upcoming workshops, retreats, cooking meals for my family, and taking some me time!

It gets busy, so having a tool like Owaves helps me be present and prepare for the day ahead:

  • Wake Up
  • RT Water w/ Lemon
  • Run 2-4 Miles w/ My Dog
  • Green Smoothie
  • Teach Yoga
  • Mindful Preparation
  • Vegetarian Salad
  • Mentorship
  • My Yoga, Meditation
  • Hummus, Veggies, Fruit, or Nuts
  • Teach Yoga
  • Vegan Warm Meal
  • Lavender Infused Shower
  • Quiet Time Before Sleep

Monday’s are a long day and I usually treat myself to a glass of red wine, maybe a hot tub soak watching the stars or an evening walk with my husband and dog. It is important when we are busy to find time for ourselves somewhere in the day.

My “O” keeps me on track. As part of my practice I can change it up every once in a while to adjust for changes in my schedule, or just to keep things new and interesting.

Presence, Preparation & Practice

At beLiving Well, where I teach and coach wellness, we believe, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”. Here are three ways to jump into a balanced, healthy lifestyle today:

Presence – Begin Your Day with a Ritual

Rituals have been around since the beginning of time. We need not save them for special occasions. Create one that you enjoy and can integrate into your daily lifestyle.Each morning, I begin my day by drinking two glasses of room temperature water with some sort of citrus. Water is the elixir of life! This hydrates my body from the night before, increases my circulation, stimulates my digestion, helps my mind wake up, and gets nutrients from the foods I eat to circulate throughout my body and provide nourishment. I schedule this on my Owaves, so it becomes a friendly reminder to stick to it. Whenever we begin something new, consistency is key!

Preparation – Get in the Kitchen

Yes, I know it’s time consuming and sometimes, it’s the last place you want to be – in the kitchen. But taking time to slice, dice, wash, rinse and cook some food staples will become your lifesaver for the week ahead. This is also a great time to stop “doing” and work with your hands, connecting to nature and food.Massaging kale is one of my favorite things because it makes me stop and really appreciate the food that I am going to eat. As part of prepping, choose a grocery store that supports local farmers and has ample supply of local and organic food options or attend a weekly farmer’s market. Living healthy begins by understanding our food sources, buying and making choices consciously – for our own health and the future of the species.

Practice – Have Fun!

Get involved in your daily health and have fun doing it.Living a healthy and balanced life is actually a lot of fun. These changes may not happen right away. It may take some time. The practice is to show up, see the positive changes you are making and enjoy the journey.

Written by Kristina Kuzmich Bengala, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach and Entrepreneur.