How to Create F.A.B. Heatlh

As the Kitchen Shrink, it’s my passion and life’s mission to educate, empower and inspire individuals to create their own unique recipe for sustainable health success. What I’ve learned throughout the years is that health goes beyond food and nutrition. It encompasses the whole being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Specifically, health starts in our mind with our attitudes, values and core beliefs. When I started blending this special recipe and mantra together, my health and happiness was sustainable.


  1. Balance Your Food.
  2. Elevate Your Attitude.
  3. Love Your Body.

Balancing our food is key. As we start to create healthier food choices and become more mindful, our attitudes change. As your attitude becomes more positive, you’ll certainly start to notice a shift in other areas of your life. Loving your body is key when making any changes. You can’t hate yourself into a new body.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease my second year in grad school (for nutrition and psychology) left me completely overwhelmed. I knew I had a choice to make and that choice lead to creating the framework of how I now live, view and educate on health and happiness. It’s an inside out approach that requires focus, skill, determination and internal motivation and of course yummy food: the perfect ingredients to create a delicious recipe of health success.

  • Food – Choose foods that are going to serve you and help you feel your best. I encourage people to eat from the rainbow and get a ton of variety daily.Each morning I blend my way to health with a smoothie from Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health. I make sure I’m using tons of veggies, a couple fruits, healthy fats and proteins to keep me full and balanced throughout the day. I always ask myself, how can I add some green to ‘that’. I make sure to eat in a calm and unrushed state, so my mind and body can be connected and I can digest and absorb my food.
  • Attitude – You’re the only person who can make you feel a certain way. I remind myself of this when I’m confronted with a situation that makes me feel frustrated or anxious.
  • Body Love – Give yourself a compliment and mean it! This is a skill that takes time to build.

My F.A.B. “O”

Every day looks different and Owaves helps me make sure I stay grounded and get my F.A.B. in throughout the day. Here’s how my day looks:

  • Wake up
  • Mindful meditation
  • Exercise (yoga or T25)
  • Eat a fabulous breakfast:
    typically a green or lemon lavender smoothie
  • Guidance calls with clients
  • Salad with lean proteins
    & tons of fresh veggies,
    herbs and greens
  • Playtime with my
    labradoodle, Moe
  • Coaching calls
  • Veggies, greens & lean protein
  • Walk or stretching
  • Finish up emails
    & plan the next day
  • Mindful meditation or journaling with Himalayan salt lamp & infused lavender oil
  • Positive intentions for the next day

Written by Elyse Wagner, MS, CN, LMHCA, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Author. For more tips from Elyse, check out: Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health, and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Follow her on YouTube and Twitter. We have a new post about Elyse here if you want to stay up-to-date!