This is an example of what one of my days may look like. I have a very flexible schedule that regularly changes, but I always try to balance my day by making sure that I do certain things. My goal is to spend at least 8 hours sleeping, and then the rest of my time is spent working/helping others, playing, exercising, eating, having downtime, connecting with loved ones, and checking things off my “to-do list”.

You can see in the picture that I’m a big fan of “intervals” or a “exertion-recovery” balance. I think that we function best (as athletes, parents, employees) if we can work hard and be focused for a period of time, but then give ourselves mental and physical breaks before doing something that requires a lot of energy again. I do my best work in the morning, then I like to get outside, do something active, or just take a nap before I do something else important. Try setting timers when you’re doing work so that you stay focused because you know a break is coming!

If your work-life balance is all out of whack, you will find it hard to persevere, and be confident, calm and focused. You can’t give your best to your workouts, when you are giving too much of your energy to too many damn other things. You can’t take great care of others, if you are exhausted, stressed and unhealthy. Stop and think about how much you are trying to do, and how you might be able to benefit from being more balanced.

Start looking at your day as a series of intervals. I realize that you might not own your own business, or have a very flexible schedule, but I hope you can continue to work on your life-balance by managing your energy. If you can regularly take breaks, pursue your passions, find time to connect with your favorite people, help others, play, meditate or pray, and push yourself in the gym…then you’ll be more effective, well-rounded and radiant.

If you want to perform your best at CrossFit, I highly suggest The Mental Edge Program. There’s an entire section dedicated to helping you create balance, so that you can improve.

Written by Dawn Fletcher, CrossFit Trainer, Writer and Entrepreneur. Dawn is owner and founder of Mentality WOD and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram