I will be a senior at the University of San Diego in the fall, and I am majoring in marketing and minoring in performing arts and entrepreneurship. I danced for about 15 years and I still try to incorporate dance into my life as much as possible. I studied abroad in Prague with my best friend this past spring and had an amazing time! My favorite part about living abroad was getting lost just walking around the city. I have an obsession with dogs, and my favorite dog is definitely my dog, Yoda (he’s a corgi mix!)


San Diego, CA

Personal motto:

She believed she could, so she did.

Favorite Vegetable:

Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Book:

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware

Favorite Exercise:

The “Dance Your Booty Off” class at the gym!

Favorite Way to Center:

Yoga in the morning!

Favorite Youtube Video:

Christina’s Daily Routine:

  • 8:00    AM  Wake up and walk my dog Yoda
  • 9:00    AM  Breakfast
  • 10:00  AM  Dance Your Booty Off Class!
  • 11:30   AM  Lunch
  • 12:30  PM  Internship
  • 3:00    PM  Hang out with friends
  • 6:30    PM  Eat dinner
  • 7:30     PM  Take Yoda on a second walk
  • 8:00    PM  Chill with the family
  • 10:30  PM  Time alone aka read/watch Netflix
  • 11:30   PM  Sleep

What is your favorite part about Owaves?

My favorite part about Owaves is how customizable it is. I enjoy customizing the different categories to fit how I want my day plan to look like.

Why is Owaves different from a normal calendar?

Owaves is different because it’s more hands on and allows you to visually see tasks/necessities with different colors and emojis.

Do you think more people in the world should be using Owaves? If so, whom and how come?

Yes! People, especially students, are extremely stressed. As a student, this app has definitely come in handy to help keep me focused and motivated.

Whose “O” would you most love to see?

I would love to see more singers since I love music. Maybe Lorde!

Is there a friend or family member you think would dramatically benefit from Owaves? If so who and why would they benefit?

Yes, my aunt would benefit from Owaves since she’s been through a tough few years. A doctor messed up her surgery and she has been in a lot of pain. Thankfully, she has been recovering significantly and she could definitely benefit from planning out her days on the app.

How would you describe Owaves to family or friends?

I would describe Owaves as a customizable day planner that is simple and fun to use! It could really help you stress less and make health a priority.

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Christina Dorado  will be attending her senior year in University of San Diego, She is majoring in Marketing, is an avid dancer, and loves to travel! Balance in her life is important amongst her family and friends and Owaves helps her stay on track! Follow her on Instagram or Facebook.