Caroline Anne is a professional model and yoga girl from the UK who has appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan, Look, and Health & Beauty. Her daily routine of workouts, photo shoots, and travel can be stressful. She uses Owaves to plan her day and prioritizes yoga to stay centered.

Location: Peterborough, United Kingdom

Favorite Vegetable: Sweet potato

Favorite Exercises: Gymnastics and swimming

Describe your average day:

  • 7AM – Wake Up
  • 7-730AM – Instagram
  • 730-8AM – Yoga
  • 8-9AM – Shower and Breakfast
  • 9AM-1PM – Check emails, update my blog, write future blog posts and catch up with other outstanding commitments
  • 1PM – Lunch
  • 2-5PM – Either planning future shoot ideas, taking photos or editing up the previous days photos
  • 5-6PM – Yoga
  • 6-7PM – Enjoy Dinner
  • 7-10PM – Relaxing in the evening, watching TV or a movie, catching up with the day’s Instagram feed or, if the weather’s nice I try to get outside for a walk
  • 10-11PM – Getting ready for bed and either reading a magazine or more Instagram
  • 11PM-7AM – Sleep

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

My yoga stretches first thing in the morning. No matter what I’m doing in a day, I like to get up early enough to fit in a quick stretch and get my body moving.

What about your day is unique?

How different every day can be – one day I might be at home all day working on the computer then the next I might be out all day on a photo shoot. Whatever I’m doing, I will always try to fit in a quick yoga session even if it’s just a short 10-minute stretch. It helps me center and stay chill.

Whose O would you love to see?

Rachel Brathen, also known as the @yoga_girl. I love her ideas (like the @yoga_girlpocket) – they are are so creative; made even better by the captions she puts with each photo.

What is the best piece of health advice you’ve ever received?

Try to move a bit each day and find something you enjoy. That makes exercise fun, instead of something you have to do.

What is your favorite part about living a healthy lifestyle?

Having constant energy. I’m always moving about even when I should be sitting still. You’ll often find me doing random handstands!

If you could give one piece of health advice, what would it be and why?

Start exercising and keep it up. The type of exercise you do can change, but make sure you keep taking part in an activity you enjoy. For example, I was a gymnast as a child and continued this throughout university. Once I discovered yoga I fell in love, because for me it is basically gymnastics at home.
Caroline Anne is a Professional Model & Yogi. For more inspiration, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.