Carolina Goldberg, RYT is most known in the yoga community for her ability to bring yoga to students in a comfortable and inspirational way. With over 20,000 hours of experience, her teachings are filled with emphasis on alignment and light-heartedness. Her specialty is meeting the student at their level, and creating a comfortable yet inspiring challenge. Carolina currently teaches both private and public classes across the city of Los Angeles. Additionally, she leads the 200-hour and 500-hour professional teacher’s training programs at Yoga Works. As the owner of Carolina Goldberg Yoga LLC, she leads her highly successful 14 Day-Detox seminars, “Yoga Meets Business,” where Carolina introduces yoga and meditation to top executives and CEO’s. At these popular retreats, clients walk away with useful skills and tools on how to control stress and relieve symptoms before they even appear. With an intricate specialty on alignment she leads “Fix Your Back” classes for yogis, athletes, and anyone who is struggling with sciatica and lower-back aches.

Carolina is also the Executive Wellness Consultant for the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel, where she brings yoga, lifestyle and relaxation to groups and private clientele. She has been put in charge of taking the world’s most famous hotel to the forefront of health and wellness. The Dorchester Collection has recognized the talents of Carolina Goldberg, and has chosen her to build their exclusive program. “Yoga makes me a better wife, mother, and business owner. My practice challenges me daily, and takes me to the place where I can experience joy, focus, strength, and confidence to stay on my path of teaching yoga. My mission is to spread the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga and Healing to as many people in our Modern World as possible.”


Los Angeles, CA

What’s your favorite vegetable?

Anything that grows goes!

What’s your motto?

Wake up before everyone else and make each day a great joy.

What’s your favorite book?

Yoga Sutras by Patanjali

What’s your favorite exercise?

Yoga and walking

What’s your favorite way to center?

Morning meditation and Ashtanga yoga

Carolina’s Daily Routine:

  • 4:40     AM: Wake up and meditate
  • 5:00     AM: Walk or run
  • 6:00     AM: Teach yoga
  • 8:30     AM: Teach yoga
  • 11:00    AM: Practice Ashtanga
  • 1:00      PM: Phone calls and meetings
  • 4:00     PM: Private sessions
  • 5:00     PM: Family time and dinner

What gets you out of bed every morning?

My motivation to make a difference and to feel great for me and my family

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

To give myself time to practice and recharge, to learn and study, and to love my family.

What about your “O” (or day plan) do you think is unique or special?

It is possible to live a successful and practical life without chaos and stress.

What is your #1 wellness habit?

Nourish my very soul with yoga and great nutrition and to prioritize time with family.

What is the best piece of health advice you’ve ever received?

Have a plan each week, then do it.

What is your favorite part about living a healthy lifestyle?

I feel great and I know I am an inspiration to many. I try my best without obsessing. Some days will be challenging, but I try to see what I can learn from it.

Describe your sleep ritual. What time do you go to bed? Do you do anything special to prepare?

I read books; no TV and no phones. I try to get into bed by 9pm, but it usually varies. I wake up at 4:40 or sleep in until 5am. I do my best thinking before 9am.

What is your biggest wellness challenge? How do you address it?

To be kind to myself daily, and always trust that “all is well.”

Tell us about a time you were stuck in an unhealthy cycle and how you got out of it. What was the main inspiration for positive change?

Falling in to unhealthy thinking patterns of not being good enough and feeling overwhelmed. To take action is the way out; just do something and soon you’ll realize that you can change. I like being on my yoga mat in order to contemplate.

If you could give one piece of health advice to your kid(s), future kid(s) or relative(s), what would it be and why?

You should really realize that you are born a genius, know that you are here for a reason, and do your best at what you love the most. Love your body, appreciate your unique qualities, and be brave!

Carolina Goldberg, RYT is a 500-hour experienced registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance (YA E-500). She has been practicing since 1997, and has been teaching since 1999. Follow her on Facebook and her website