Aubry Coy, RN, MS is anything but ordinary; she is a practicing nurse and a yoga teacher! After receiving her Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Public Health from SDSU, she earned a Master of Science that focused on nursing from UCLA and she is now passionate about educating others regarding their health. On a personal level, she has added a new baby boy to her family and is able to manage her busy life efficiently by taking a little time to herself every day.


New Bern, North Carolina

What’s your favorite vegetable?


What’s your motto?

Treat people how YOU want to be treated.

What’s your favorite book?

The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein

What’s your favorite exercise?


What’s your favorite way to center?

Going outside and connecting with nature. Walks on the beach and hiking are my absolute favorite things to do!

Aubry’s Daily Routine (Work Day):

  • 5:30     AM: Wake up and stretch
  • 6:00     AM: Breakfast
  • 8:00     AM: Work
  • 8:00     PM: Dinner
  • 9:00     PM: Stretch and sun salutation
  • 10:00   PM: Sleep

Aubry’s Daily Routine (Non-Work Day):

  • 8:00     AM: Wake up
  • 8:30     AM: Breakfast
  • 9:00     AM: Tidy the house
  • 11:00    AM: Walk the dogs
  • 12:00    PM: Lunch
  • 1:00      PM: Lounge
  • 4:00      PM: Yoga class/exercise activity
  • 5:30      PM: Dinner
  • 6:30     PM: Lounge with family
  • 10:00    PM: Sleep

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

Personal time! I think it’s important to make time for yourself. I enjoy going on walks in my neighborhood. I love being outdoors and soaking in this beautiful earth.

Whose daily routine would you most love to see?

Michelle Obama. She runs the world, looks incredible, and is an inspiration! How does she do it?!

What is your #1 wellness habit?

I take things in moderation. I don’t believe in completely eliminating food groups, so I’ll eat whatever I like to in moderation. If I want a piece of chocolate, I’ll have a piece of chocolate! The most important thing is to stay active, whether it’s a brisk walk or a pilates class, it’s important to care of your body.

What is your favorite part of living a healthy lifestyle?

I feel that living a healthy lifestyle has connected me to like-minded individuals. We share recipes, motivate one another, and do fitness classes together. For me personally, I have gained a lot more confidence in myself. I am by no means perfect, but I am happy and proud of my journey to live a more healthy lifestyle.

What is your biggest wellness challenge? How do you address it?

I’d say staying on track during the holidays! It’s tough to be motivated to go to the gym during the holiday season. I stay motivated by remembering that 1) I am NOT perfect. I fall off track, but what is important is that I get back on track in a timely manner. 2) I eat in moderation. Sure, I indulge a lot more during the holidays, but I remind myself that everyday is not Thanksgiving or Christmas, so I try not to be too harsh on my sweet tooth during these times of the year.

If you could give one piece of health advice to your kids, what would it be and why?

You have one body. Nourish it, love it, and take care of it. Don’t take it for granted. Feed it good foods, exercise it, and be confident in your own skin.

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Aubry McCoy, RN, MS is a registered nurse, yoga teacher and mother. Follow her on Instagram to see how she manages doing it all! 

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