Ashton Eaton is USA’s 2X Olympic champion and current world record holder in the decathlon. He also holds the current world record in the indoor heptathlon and was a 5X NCAA champion at the University of Oregon. In his recent gold medal victory at Rio, Ashton tied the Olympic Record.

Ashton’s wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton is also an accomplished Olympic medalist for Team Canada. The two of them train together in Europe and share a sample day.

Ashton and Brianne

Ashton and Brianne’s Daily Routine:

  • 615AM – Coffee
  • 630AM – Emails, News, Read Blogs, TV
  • 735AM – Breakfast
  • 10AM – Training
  • 1245PM – Lunch and Rehab
  • 245PM – Relax and have Fun
  • 6PM – Dinner
  • 7PM – Computer
  • 1030PM – Snack, Read & Sleep

Morning Coffee

Morning coffee is a staple for the couple, “It’s the first thing that enters our minds when we wake up. We enjoy everything about it; making it, the smell of it, the taste of it…”

Some morning include catching up on last night’s favorite sitcoms, like The Kardashians and The Bachelor. Breakfast includes eggs, toast and fruit. “We also always try to drink a big glass of water at breakfast because we find that the morning is the time when we’ll forget to drink water (as we’re usually drinking coffee).”

Afternoon Adventures

“The Olympic year is always stressful for everyone, so something that we’ve been trying to do is make an effort to do one fun thing everyday. This prevents us from sitting in the house, thinking or stressing about track, gets our minds off things, and allows us to be normal people for half a day. “Something fun” when we’re at home means going to the mall or out to a movie.”

Evening Chill

When Ashton and Brianne get home in the evenings, they’re usually on the computer, “… to do whatever people do on their computers constantly.” Ashton enjoys playing Xbox with friends.

Ashton might have a snack of yogurt and muesli in bed, while Brianne reads and they prepare to sleep by 10:30PM.

Current Endeavors

Since retiring after the Rio 2016 Olympics, Eaton has continued to stay active in the athletic community. Eaton continues to be a vocal supporter of fellow athletes and has remained involved in various sports initiatives. Eaton is exploring the intersection of sports and technology, working with Intel to develop 3D athlete tracking technology. This cutting-edge technology helps athletes optimize their performance by providing detailed analysis of their movements, which is crucial for refining techniques and enhancing overall performance

Eaton has embraced fatherhood with the birth of his baby boy. Balancing his professional endeavors with family life, Eaton enjoys spending quality time with his family, which he considers essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance​.