A gold medal Olympian, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion, and US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year in 2012 and 2018, Alex Morgan dominates on and off the field. Currently, Alex is competing in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, where the U.S. team just beat Thailand 19-0 on June 11th! Being such a high-performance athlete, Alex Morgan understands the importance of self-care.

“I abuse my body everyday for my job on the pitch, so it is vital to me to feel rested and recovered when I wake up.”

With so many people and teammates counting on her, how does Alex Morgan give 100% everyday?

8 AM – Meditated Morning

Alex Morgan starts her day with guided or unguided meditation. She feels it’s important to start her day feeling positive and optimistic. On the mornings she gets to spend with her husband, rather than her teammates, Alex likes to take a walk with their dog and feel the ocean breeze.

For breakfast, Alex Morgan enjoys yogurt with fruit or granola. She doesn’t cave into the fad diets. Alex says “I’m all about moderation, and I don’t like restrictive diets or to really restrict myself too much. I feel like what you put in your body is the energy and output you’re going to get so that’s very important for athletes.”

12 AM – Post Workout Lunch

Alex sticks to healthy recipes throughout her day. She typically eats a salad or sandwich with chicken and some fruit for lunch after her training.

Being a star athlete, Alex Morgan’s workouts are pretty intense. If she’s not playing soccer, Alex will find time to incorporate exercise into her day through circuit training, spin classes, or yoga. Alex says she usually trains every day, but she’ll try to give herself one day off every week. Seeing as her training lasts from two to three and a half hours, those few days off are incredibly important.

6 PM – Crockpots and Crosswords

Alex Morgan’s busy schedule doesn’t give her copious amounts of time to cook. In order to maximize her time and still ensure her meals are healthy and balanced, she uses crockpots! She says her meals are pretty basic, but always include fresh fruit, meat, and a lot of veggies. Alex also makes her own hummus with Chobani yogurt!

To relax after scoring the winning goal, Alex Morgan swears by crossword puzzles. She says,

“my husband and I and some of my teammates are really into crossword puzzles! I do feel like I’m going a million miles per hour during the day — I’m training, I’m trying to see my family as much as possible, I have interviews — so for me, it’s important to give myself 30 minutes to an hour to just rest my brain.”

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