Aadya Sharma is the Founder Of Yogantrikshakti. Yogantrikshakti is the perfect blend of mind, soul, and strength. It is a beautiful, mesmerizing path to awaken inner power and to fortify the body. Besides her passion as a yoga instructor, she has a knack for entrepreneurship and as an influencer on social media.


New Delhi, India

What’s your favorite vegetable?

Green veggies

What’s your motto?

Spread Yogantrikshakti and yoga essence all over the world.

What’s your favorite book?

The Bhagavad Gita

What’s your favorite exercise?

Yoga, flexibility, and cardio.

What’s your favorite Youtube video?

Aadya’s Daily Routine:

  • 430-6AM: Cardio + Yoga
  • 6-7AM: Get Ready
  • 7-9AM: Breakfast
  • 9AM-1PM: Work
  • 1-3PM: Lunch
  • 3-5PM: TV
  • 5-6PM: Dance + Workout
  • 6-8PM: Dinner
  • 8-9PM: Write Tomorrow’s Plan
  • 9-10PM: Drink Turmeric Milk
  • 10-1030PM: Meditation + Bedtime

What gets you out of bed every morning?

A healthy mind.

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

Yoga and flexibility

What about your “O” (or day plan) do you think is unique or special?

My day is special because of my healthy fitness plan. I only work according to my needs, which makes me less stressed.

Whose “O” (or day plan) would you most love to see?

Fitness Freaks

What is your #1 wellness habit?

Every day visits to the temple for some time and meditation.

What is the best piece of health advice you’ve ever received?

Stay healthy and happy.

What is your favorite part of living a healthy lifestyle?

Talking positively, no over-thinking, and eat healthy food

Describe your sleep ritual. What time do you go to bed?

At 10 pm, I drink turmeric milk. And at 10:30 pm, its bedtime. I meditate for 5 minutes and then go straight to sleep.

What’s your biggest wellness challenge? How do you address it?

Meditation. It’s difficult to sit in one place and focus on the third eye. But I usually prefer chanting meditation to focus.

If you could give one piece of health advice to your family, what would it be and why?

Just let go of everything, and share your smile with the world.

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Aadya Sharma is an entrepreneur, influencer, and yoga instructor. Check out Aadya’s work on her website, and follow Aadya on Facebook and Instagram.

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