What types of widgets are available?

Elaine Fang

We currently have Focus Widgets, which give you a quick overview of your current activity and what’s up next on your home screen. You can customize this widget to be whatever size works best for you: Small, Medium, or Large! 

How do I share my Day Plan on to my Instagram story?

Elaine Fang

To share your Day Plan on to your Instagram story: Press Owaves’ Share Button at the top right of your screen. (Note: It looks like a box with an arrow pointing upward.) Swipe left where the row of apps is and select the “More” button with the three dots. Scroll down and click “Stories.”

What are precision titles?

Elaine Fang

Precision titles refer to the more specific default titles we’ve created for activities in version 2.9.2.

How do I add a focus widget?

Elaine Fang

To add a Focus Widget to your home screen, do the following: Press down on your home screen’s background.  Once your apps jiggle, tap the Plus (+) button on the top left of your screen.  Tap the “Owaves: Focus” Widget, and swipe from right to left to select your size of choice.  Tap “Add Widget” and press once more on the background …

Can I create my own category?

Elaine Fang

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the option to create your own category. However, we are considering this in our roadmap as we further develop the app.

How do I sync Owaves with my external calendars?

Owaves Team

To sync your Calendars: Go to iOS Settings > Owaves and make sure Calendars are turned on. In iOS 14, go to iOS Settings > Calendar > Accounts. Add your Calendar account(s) and make sure Calendars are turned on.  In iOS 13 or earlier, go to iOS Settings > Passwords & Accounts. Add your Calendar account(s) and make sure Calendars are turned …