How do I share my Day Plan on to my Instagram story?

Elaine Fang

To share your Day Plan on to your Instagram story: Press Owaves’ Share Button at the top right of your screen. (Note: It looks like a box with an arrow pointing upward.) Swipe left where the row of apps is and select the “More” button with the three dots. Scroll down and click “Stories.”

Can I make Owaves my screensaver?

Owaves Team

To make Owaves your screensaver, we recommend taking a screenshot of your Day View. Then from your Photos section on the iPhone, select the “Box and Arrow” button and choose “Use as Wallpaper”.

How do I invite my family and friends?

Owaves Team

The best way to invite a family or friend to Owaves is to press the “Share” button in the top Right corner, and send them a sample Day Plan. This will include a link they can click to download the app.

How can I Share my Day Plan with others?

Owaves Team

Once your Day Plan is ready to Share, go to “Day View” and select the “Box and Arrow” button from the top Right corner. To allow for additional Sharing channels, select the “More” button from the middle row of icons. Note: Instagram shows up on the bottom row, after “Save to Files”.