Olympians Stay Fit on the #RoadToRio

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The 5,000-mile journey across multiple time zones to Rio de Janeiro can flag even the toughest olympians. A hallmark study from Stanford published in Sleep shows even NFL players can lose to jet lag.

Not to mention the sweltering Brazilian heat…

So at the climax of four years of dedicated training, what do Olympic and Paralympic athletes do to prepare for the physical and mental journey? What are their top tips for staying fit on the #RoadToRio?


Immersing myself in the Brazilian culture ???⛱??

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  1. Stay 100% proactive with rehab, recovery, and dieting!
    – Sam Mikulak, Olympian, USA Gymnastics
  2. Keep my head clear. It’s so easy to let competition and technicalities fog up your mindset so it’s important to be calm and focused without over thinking.
    – Jill Moore, Paralympian, USA Track & Field and Cycling

  4. Manage food intake daily to keep calories, sugars, and carbs nice and low while receiving natural caffeine for the workout!
    – Sam Mikulak, Olympian, USA Gymnastics
  5. Juice veggies three to five times a week.
    – Jarryd Wallace, Paralympian, USA Track & Field

  7. Stay hydrated!!! It seems like a total cliche and no-brainer but when I’m dehydrated it’s a totally different performance.
    – Jill Moore, Paralympian, USA Track & Field and Cycling
  8. Keep a sleep ritual. 30-60 minutes before bed I read a book instead of watching TV or surfing on my phone which helps me fall asleep more readily.
    – Jillion Potter, Olympian, USA Rugby
  9. Daily mindfulness and meditation practice for at least 10 minutes.
    – Jillion Potter, Olympian, USA Rugby
  10. Maximizing recovery days by treating them as REAL recovery days. Treatment, message, and rest.
    – Jarryd Wallace, Paralympian, USA Track & Field

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