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Lori Beeken, MS, RD

Master’s in Nutritional Sciences, Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist, Marathon Runner, and Mother of Two

Lori is a registered dietitian devoting her life to helping others achieve optimal health through an active and nutritious lifestyle. Lori has a master’s degree in nutritional sciences from San Diego State University, became a registered dietitian through Loyola University of Chicago’s Didactic Program in Dietetics, and has been a clinical dietitian for over nine years.

Lori has been a competitive athlete for most of her life. From her time playing collegiate soccer and running marathons, Lori has found a thorough understanding of the huge role that nutrition plays on the physiological aspects of our lives.

Lori specializes in nutrition counseling, not only for athletic performance, but also for a variety of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, liver, and kidney disease; as well as a broad spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders.

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Go Nuts with the Mediterranean Diet

Coming from a long line of Italian chefs, Lori loves healthy cooking and nutritious food. She is passionate about helping others explore their creative side in the kitchen while maintaining and achieving optimal health. She hopes you can enjoy nutritious meals with her healthy cooking tips, and creative ideas for keeping meals interesting and delicious while providing your body with optimal fuel for your busy lives.