How do I save a Day Plan?

Owaves Team

Great question!

Saving routines, or “Day Plans”, is critical to the Owaves experience. Especially if your Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays all look the same, for example. Why not save a template? And then just tinker a little bit on the actual day as needed…

To save a Day Plan, click the “O” button on the top right corner next to the pencil icon. After tapping on the “O”, a plus sign “+” should appear. Click on the “+” sign to save your day plan.

From here, you can customize the Title (for example, “Magic Mondays” or “Favorite Fridays”). You can also select days of the week for which you’d like this specific Day Plan to automatically repeat. This will carry over your preferred Alert settings, Notes, and everything! Press the “Save” button in the top Right corner when you are done.

Here is a brief demo video: