Olympians, doctors, nutritionists, and yoga instructors will guide you to a healthy rhythm. Subscribe to our day plans, experiment with different patterns, and find what is best for you.

Recipes, workouts, and sleep schedules based on your personal health and wellness goals. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or looking for new, creative ways to stay mindful and centered, our experts have you covered.

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Michellie Jones

Michellie Jones; Australian Olympic silver medalist, Paralympic gold medalist guide, and coach, has over twenty years of coaching experience ranging from day one beginners to the professional elite. Her life mission is now to inspire others… learn more

Khadevis Robinson

Khadevis Robinson was born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks in the inner city of Fort Worth, Texas. He has grown to become an international track & field star, division I collegiate coach, and motivational educator/speaker… learn more

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Lori Beeken, MS, RD

Lori Beeken is a registered dietitian devoting her life to helping others achieve optimal health through an active and nutritious lifestyle. Lori has a master’s degree in nutritional sciences and has been a clinical dietitian for over nine years… learn more

Drisana Carey, LAc, RYT

Drisana is a licensed acupuncturist with several years experience running her own wellness clinic in Solana Beach, California. She is a former division I volleyball, track and field athlete, seasoned yoga instructor, and professional model. She loves the outdoors and blends a rich experience of… learn more

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Royan Kamyar, MD, MBA

Royan is the founder and CEO of this awesome healthy lifestyle app you’re checking out, called Owaves. He is a physician, entrepreneur, and triathlete based in San Diego, California. During his… learn more