Elyse Wagner

Day in the Life: Elyse Wagner

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Day in the Life: Elyse Wagner How to Create F.A.B. Heatlh As the Kitchen Shrink, it’s my passion and life’s mission to educate, empower and inspire individuals to create their own unique recipe for sustainable health success. What I’ve learned throughout the years is that health goes beyond food and nutrition. It encompasses the whole being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Specifically, …

Julianne Charland

Day in the Life: Julianne Charland

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Day in the Life: Julianne Charland Back In Action: Lessons on Resiliency In 2010, I suffered my second consecutive injury while moving patients in the hospital as an EMT. This one was to my back, and little did I know at the time this challenging journey would help make me a happier person. Initially, the medications, tests and endless paperwork all took …

Claire Akin

Day in the Life: Claire Akin

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Day in the Life: Claire Akin   Supercharging Productivity Like many of you, I’m a go-getter with a lot on my plate. My husband and I just purchased a new home, I began a new marketing position with an Internet company that includes 50% travel and I’m training for my fourth half marathon. To say this is the busiest time of my …

Michellie Jones

Daily Routine of an Olympian and Ironman World Champion

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Day in the Life: Michellie Jones   Secret to Elite Performance: Rest and Recovery Even with an Olympic Silver Medal and Ironman World Championship under my belt, my athletic endeavors are far from over. I continue to race as well as coach athletes to personal bests and World Champion podium finishes. I am currently training for the Para Triathlon World Championships to …