Claire Akin

Day in the Life: Claire Akin

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Day in the Life: Claire Akin   Supercharging Productivity Like many of you, I’m a go-getter with a lot on my plate. My husband and I just purchased a new home, I began a new marketing position with an Internet company that includes 50% travel and I’m training for my fourth half marathon. To say this is the busiest time of my …

Khadevis Robinson

Day in the Life: Khadevis Robinson

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Day in the Life: Khadevis Robinson   The Mental Edge – Wisdom for a Fit Body and Mind I grew up on the dangerous side of the tracks in Fort Worth, Texas. I saw close friends go down the wrong path and lose their way. My stepdad, my closest role model, died during my high school years. I owe my Olympic career …

Michellie Jones

Daily Routine of an Olympian and Ironman World Champion

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Day in the Life: Michellie Jones   Secret to Elite Performance: Rest and Recovery Even with an Olympic Silver Medal and Ironman World Championship under my belt, my athletic endeavors are far from over. I continue to race as well as coach athletes to personal bests and World Champion podium finishes. I am currently training for the Para Triathlon World Championships to …