Wes Youngberg

Day in the Life: Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS

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Day in the Life: Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS   Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS, FACLM, is a founding director of American College of Lifestyle Medicine, founder of the Youngberg Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, and assistant clinical professor at Loma Linda University Schools of Medicine & Public Health. Dr. Youngberg is author of several books including: Goodbye Diabetes – Preventing and reversing diabetes …

Tom Brady

Day in the Life: Tom Brady

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Day in the Life:Tom Brady   What does it take to win 5 Super Bowls, become a 4X Super Bowl MVP and 12X Pro Bowl NFL quarterback? Most young athletes would like to know. Having a supermodel spouse would be quite the kicker. Owaves researched Tom Brady’s lifestyle from recent interviews to come up with a composite day. Tom Brady’s Daily Routine …