Khadevis Robinson

Day in the Life: Khadevis Robinson

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Day in the Life: Khadevis Robinson   Khadevis Robinson — known as KD to most — is a 2X USA Olympian, 8X National Champion Division I Collegiate Coach, motivational speaker, and a mentor. Khadevis’ story is not just about athletic success. It’s a story of faith, hope, family, and friends. A story of self-discovery and self-worth. Above all, it is a story …

Queen of England

Day in the Life: Queen Elizabeth II

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Day in the Life: Queen Elizabeth II   Born in 1926 and the heir to the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has ruled the Monarch for over 65 years, making her the longest standing ruler of Britain. April 21st is a special day for Britain, as Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 91st birthday this year. On this very special day, …

Lady Gaga

Day in the Life: Lady Gaga

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Day in the Life: Lady Gaga   Six-time Grammy winner, Lady Gaga headlines Coachella Music Festival this year, making her the first female to do so since Bjork in 2007. The singer, songwriter and actress has sold over 30 million albums and 150 million singles globally, making her one of the best-selling musicians of all time. With her fifth studio album Joanne …

Mike Dawson

Day in the Life: Mike Dawson

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Day in the Life:Mike Dawson   Mike Dawson is a 2X New Zealand canoe slalom Olympic athlete, adventurer, and filmmaker. When not paddling around the globe, Mike resides in New Zealand, where he began competing at age 17. To finance his trip to the 2016 Rio Olympics, Dawson created and sold a cookbook, filled with recipes from his travels around the world. After exceeding …

Elon Musk

Day in the Life: Elon Musk

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Day in the Life: Elon Musk Running a rule-breaking, physics-bending, industry-disrupting automobile company sounds like a tremendous challenge. Add a mission to colonize Mars, five beloved sons into the mix, and you have your hands full; unless your Elon Musk. We examine a day in the life of Elon Musk by reviewing pools of first-hand interviews. Sources range from his Reddit AMA …