Joe Raphael

Day in the Life: Joe Raphael, DrPH, MBA

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Day in the Life: Joe Raphael, DrPH, MBA   Dr. Joe Raphael has dedicated his career to “Lifestyle as Medicine”. He has worked as a therapist, clinician, consultant, teacher, administrator, executive, and researcher. Joe’s post-doctoral education includes psychoneuroimmunology, neuropsychology, positive psychology and he has additional post-doctoral training in clinical nutrition, sports medicine, psychiatry, cardiology, primary care, and healthcare administration. His specialty has …

Day in the Life: Lindsay Havlicek Bell, Psy.D.

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Day in the Life:Lindsay Havlicek Bell, Psy.D. Lindsay Havlicek Bell, Psy.D., is a trained psychologist with over ten years of patient experience. She is also a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and registered yoga teacher. When not spending time with her family or practicing mindfulness, she might be writing for The Elephant Journal and other wellness publications. Check …

Day in the Life: Leslie Storms, MS, RN

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Day in the Life:Leslie Storms, MS, RN Leslie Storms, MS, RN is a yoga professional and spiritual seeker in Plano, Texas. Since retiring as an orthopedic surgical nurse in 2004 and then practicing marriage and family therapy for a number of years, she dedicates her time to sharing her love of yoga and living a yogic lifestyle.   She says one of …