Day in the Life: Nelson Mandela

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Day in the Life: Nelson Mandela “Madiba!” That is what the people lovingly called Nelson Mandela. The human rights violations and the discriminatory policies of the Apartheid in South Africa compelled many, including Mandela, to fight. Most people outside of South Africa are unaware of Apartheid; this form of institutionalized racial segregation existed from 1948 to the early 1990s. Mandela, as a …

Obama's O

Day in the Life: Barack Obama

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Day in the Life: Barack Obama   When Barack Obama became the first Black president 12 years ago, it was not only a historical moment, but it was also a victory for Black communities who wanted proper representation for their voices. While president, he made several decisions to tackle the social and economic disparities in America. He made health insurance more accessible, …

Day In the Life: Alan Flanagan, MSc

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Day in the Life: Alan Flanagan, MSc Alan Flanagan, MSc, has a law background, and spent 10-years practicing as a barrister in Ireland. After completing a Master’s in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey, he is now leaving law to pursue a PhD in “Chrono-nutrition” at Surrey, looking at the impacts of timing greater proportions of energy earlier versus. later in …