Matin Nazari

Day in the Life: Matin Nazari

Mikaela Horvath Boxer, Photographer, Weight Lifter

Day in the Life: Matin Nazari   Introducing Matin Nazari, the Director of Community Development here at Owaves! Matin lives in San Diego and loves learning about health and medicine and spending time outdoors! He aspires to live a healthy life by staying active, eating well-balanced meals, and adhering to a proper sleep schedule. In order to nurture his mind and body, Matin …

Day in the Life: Muhammad Ali

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Day in the Life: Muhammad Ali The Greatest Boxing Activist It has been 4 years since three-time heavyweight champion, Olympic gold-medalist and American hero Muhammad Ali passed away, and he continues to remind us of the battles people like him had faced and still face in America. Ali lived a colorful life, fought for individual freedom in the truest sense of the …