Scott Parish, Owaves Co-Founder

Day in the Life: Scott Parish

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Day in the Life: Scott Parish, Owaves Co-Founder I’m the lead designer for Owaves! I live in San Diego with my beautiful wife and our dogs Reggie and Nima. When not designing, I can be found cooking, gardening, surfing, hiking or drawing, almost always with music in the background. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, backpacking and traveling.   Location …

Sohaib Imtiaz

Day in the Life: Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH

Owaves Team Entrepreneur, Physician Leave a Comment

Day in the Life: Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH is a board-certified physician in lifestyle medicine from the United Kingdom who ranked among the top 10 students nationally in statistics, business studies, and information technology. He focuses on lifestyle medicine while exploring technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Sohaib chose to study in his hometown of Manchester in order to prioritize …