Day in the Life: Matin Nazari

Owaves Team Photographer, Soccer Player, Tennis Player

Day in the Life: Matin Nazari   Introducing Matin Nazari, the Director of Community Development here at Owaves! Matin lives in San Diego and loves learning about health and medicine and spending time outdoors! He aspires to live a healthy life by staying active, eating well-balanced meals, and adhering to a proper sleep schedule. In order to nurture his mind and body, Matin …

Day in the Life: Angela Davis

Owaves Team Activist, Professor

Day in the Life: Angela Davis Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Angela Davis was exposed to the brutalities associated with racism at a young age. She herself recollects how every day there was a threat to the Black lives in her community: “So many bombings took place in the neighborhood where I grew up… that it came to be called ‘Dynamite …

Day in the Life: Colin Kaepernick

Owaves Team Activist, Football Player

Day in the Life: Colin Kaepernick I remember the time when media outlets were flooded with news about Colin Kaepernick and his sit down during the national anthem. To me, it seemed reasonable for him to do what he did. Oftentimes, in high school, I sat down when people were reciting the pledge of allegiance. It just seemed ridiculous to pledge allegiance …

Day in the Life: Alex Morgan

Owaves Team Olympian, Soccer Player

Day in the Life:Alex Morgan   A gold medal Olympian, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion, and US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year in 2012 and 2018, Alex Morgan dominates on and off the field. Currently, Alex is competing in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, where the U.S. team just beat Thailand 19-0 on June 11th! Being such a high-performance athlete, …

Haroon Kazem

Day in the Life: Haroon Kazem, D.C.

Owaves Team Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Musician Leave a Comment

Day in the Life: Haroon Kazem, D.C. Haroon is a Doctor of Chiropractic based in San Diego, CA. He’s an evidence-based healthcare practitioner that utilizes chiropractic treatment and philosophy to better his patients’ health one adjustment at a time. Location San Diego, CA Favorite vegetable? Avocado Personal motto? The journey is the reward. Favorite book? The Giver, by Lois Lowry Favorite YouTube …

Sohaib Imtiaz

Day in the Life: Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH

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Day in the Life: Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH Sohaib Imtiaz, M.D., MPH is a board-certified physician in lifestyle medicine from the United Kingdom who ranked among the top 10 students nationally in statistics, business studies, and information technology. He focuses on lifestyle medicine while exploring technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Sohaib chose to study in his hometown of Manchester in order to prioritize …

Joe Raphael

Day in the Life: Joe Raphael, DrPH, MBA

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Day in the Life: Joe Raphael, DrPH, MBA Dr. Joe Raphael has dedicated his career to “Lifestyle as Medicine”. He has worked as a therapist, clinician, consultant, teacher, administrator, executive, and researcher. Joe’s post-doctoral education includes psychoneuroimmunology, neuropsychology, positive psychology and he has additional post-doctoral training in clinical nutrition, sports medicine, psychiatry, cardiology, primary care, and healthcare administration. His specialty has been …