Day in the Life: Jovi Cauwels

Scott Parish Artist, Designer, Skater

Day in the Life: Jovi Cauwels, Illustrator / Graphic Designer I’m Jovi. Back in 2019, I decided to follow my passion for drawing and surfing. I started a graphic design course after my working hours as a social-cultural worker. At the same time, I started @RaisedBySummer, my very own ocean-inspired passion project. Today I can call myself a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, …

Mark Warren Jacques's ideal day plan

Day in the Life: Mark Warren Jacques

Owaves Team Artist, Designer, Skater

Day in the Life: Mark Warren Jacques, Artist Mark Warren Jacques is a contemporary visual artist, musician and designer. Over the past two decades, he has exhibited his work extensively with solo gallery exhibitions and large scale murals mounted in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New York, and internationally in Australia, Spain, and Canada. His unmistakable style and unique approach have …

Kasey Wanford's Day Plan

Day in the Life: Kasey Wanford

Owaves Team Chef, Designer, Entrepreneur, Surfer

Day in the Life: Kasey Wanford, Professional Artist I’ve have always been passionate about art but started making it seriously five years ago. I participated in a 100 day art challenge on Instagram, where we post new art everyday, and doing this is how I started making digital art. I’m still a painter though, so you will find me in my art …