Serena Williams

Day in the Life: Serena Williams

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Day in the Life: Serena Williams   Serena Williams has four Olympic gold medals that stand on a trophy shelf with 73 WTA titles, including 39 Grand Slams. She was named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated and one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes. When asked if her tremendous success on the court is due to …

Rafael Nadal's O or 24-hour day plan, with his daily activities in a circular O and a photo of him in center.

Day in the Life: Rafael Nadal

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Day in the Life: Rafael Nadal   Rafael Nadal is known for being the ‘Clay Court master’ with 19 Grand Slams to his name, as he triumphantly achieved this milestone of winning the US Open against Daniil Medvedev this past Sunday in New York. At age 33, he continues to set outstanding records for being at the top of his game time …